Stupid rules

Thursday 14 June at 1113 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle | 5 Comments

You know those emails/websites that get forwarded around about stupid laws that once, or still do, exsist.
You know, like not being able to carry an ice cream in your back pocket in some stated in America.

Well now a town in the US is banning sagging trousers. This is how these stupid laws begin.

I can picture the scene now, a few decades ago, all the youths of the day are fighting against The Man and rebelling. As a sign of their rebellion and a fashion statement, they all wear ice creams in their pockets.

It all makes sense now.

Oh and PS, girls, no more eating chocolate on public transport.



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  1. i like both those laws!!

  2. In that case, I’d melt the chocolate and drink it. Mmmmm, chocolate.

  3. There’s even a book about stupid laws. Found it today while waiting time in a book shop.

    no chocolate on public transport though… boooooo

  4. d’oh. your link refers to the book. oops. that’ll teach me to jump ahead.

  5. Who in their right mind would ban girls from eating chocolate on public transport? Without chocolate I might become violent!

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