Fat of the Reich

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 Update: I’ve been lied to. Thanks to some first hand information from a Knoydart resident, it has come to my attention that Lord Brocket erected his own monument and Inverie House has been lived in for some time now.
The below is just proof of what a game of Chinese Whispers can do.
Enjoy the story.

One resident of the Knoydart’s was a very rich man known as Lord Brocket who bought the estate in the 1930’s. He owned most of the Knoydart region. Knoydart lore goes that Lord Brocket was a Nazi sympathiser. He booted out most of the resident’s of the Knoydart to make way for fishing and shooting to entertain the Nazi’s.
Rumour says that he even suggested allowing the Knoydart to be a stopping point for when the Nazi’s invaded Britain.

When Lord Brocket died in 1967, resident’s erected a monument in his memory.

When my dad was first told this story he asked why would the resident’s erect a monument to someone who kicked them off their land, ruined lives and who was a Nazi sympathiser?

The reply he got was along the lines of
“Well the monument was built just to make sure the bastard didn’t get out of his grave.”

Nice folk in the Knoydart.

Another Brocket story, but one I never knew about.
The Brocket estate also owns Inverie House. A huge building which is now unoccupied. Although it is fully furnished with carpets and cutlery. Even a grand piano in the corner of one room. (It even has a gun facing Loch Nevis, probably to stop any British ships getting too close)
A place that looks as if the occupants have only been gone a few days.
When asking at the only pub in the village about why the house is still furnised, reponse is “carrying a grand piano, 20 miles across mountains unnoticed isn’t the easiest of tasks.”
Although the legend of the empty home may be at an end as a buyer may have taken over ownership recently.

Which is a shame as it would of been quite good, but eerie, day out if I ever went to the Knoydarts again.


Where is my soapbox?

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Online petitions. Do they work? Has anyone ever known anything to of been changed through an online petiton?

Last night I watched the first episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on More4. For those that don’t know, Studio 60 is a satire drama based behind the scenes of an American sketch comedy show.
The show is created by the same guy who brought us The West Wing.
The first episode was well written, funny and great to watch. A little fast, but that’s what is expected from the guy who brought us West Wing and Sports Night. It has great potential to be a fantastic show.
In America it was met by critical acclaim, had the most online attention and one of the highly anticipated picks of NBC’s schedule. It was nominated for a host of awards including Emmys and Golden Globes.
Unfortunately the public didn’t get it. It’s ratings in America declined with each episode. Rumours spread that the show was going to be cancelled after it’s episodes kept getting taken off air for other shows.
As of yesterday it’s website had a notice stating the last episode would be it’s finale.

I don’t know how much I would be able to get hooked on something I know is going to end after one series. Alot of shows I watch have runs for many series. Hopefully the thought that “this is all I’m getting,” won’t put me off watching it.

If you missed it you can catch a repeat on More4 on Sunday at 11.05pm.
It is normally shown on Thursday’s at 11pm.

Once you’ve watched it I’m sure you’ll put some faith in online petitions and go and sign this to get NBC to change their desicion.

Meep Meep

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Another photo from my walks.

No story about this, except that I took this photo about half an hours walk from the cows. It just reminded me of a scene from The Road Runner.

You big woolly cow

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Update: It seems that my dad isn’t a very good tour guide. First he gets us stuck up a mountain. Then tells us tales of Nazi mountain owners that are false. And it appears – thanks to the very kind words of someone who it seems has taken it upon his self to straighten all cow related facts – that my dad doesn’t know his Aberdeen Angus from his Highland Cattle.  

On two occasions on my holiday I passed Aberdeen Angus Scottish Highland cows.

First was on second day of the holiday. After being scared to death while getting passed cliff edges, not sleeping well due to sharing a floor in a barn with a mouse, getting soaked for over 8 hours while warning I thought that may day couldn’t get any worse. Then we came up to the herd of Angus. My dad said “we would be ok as long as we don’t go between the mother and calf.”
I checked the path that led between the herd. And just our luck the path split the mother and calf. The only way past would to go between the two.
After a fun, but very scary and tiring last two days I was worried that we would be has-beens at the the final herd-le (haha, good pun)
Luckily we got past. Safe and in one piece.

Then next time I saw, what I guess was the same herd, was the same day I was looking at the beautiful scenenary.
As we got down from the mountain (and again I was pleased to see the floor, my dad nearly had us climbing up verticle rock face) and too the lake you can see in my last photo, we came across the herd having a relax in the lake. It was a hot day (yes it was hot in Scotland) and I was a little jealous.

But seeing as all the cows were pretty relaxed I had a good opportunity to photo them.

A very hairy Aberdeen Angus Scottish Highland cows.

Say what?

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A few quotes from the World.

While at the zoo the other day, me and the missus were in the new small mammal area. Which I have to say is ace. You must go.
I overheard one zookeeper telling a second

“Well one of the monkeys jumped on to a hanging basket. The basket started to spin around fast. The monkey was sat in the basket and was looking very dizzy. It then tried to jump out of the basket on to a branch. Completely missed and fell to the floor. It then just sat there still looking dizzy.”

This is why we will never turn in to Planet of the Apes.

I had a friend round at the weekend. He is new to the area – he also works for Metronet so I don’t expect him around for long. He left the house late to catch the bus home. Not knowing the area I received a text late saying

“What does Bromley Station look like?”

My reply,

“Its a big building with train’s in it.”

I bet Leslie Neilson would be proud of that.

In other news.
My mobile phone contract is up soon. I can’t wait. I get to renew my phone. I’ve been looking at the N95 since it was realeased. It’s just. A. Great. Phone.
In the last few days though the bus I get home has been pulling up at a stop that has a massive N95 advert on the shelter. It’s really annoying.
But I have less then a month left….

A bridge too far

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When walking across the vast emptiness of Scotlands Knoydart, and many other paths in England, one thing a person may encounter is a bridge.

In Knoydart there were many dangerous bridges that I’d have to cross. Life threatening ones. And I’m not making this up. There were actual signs posted near the bridges saying that “users do so at their own risk.”

At times I wished the only danger at bridges was that they homed trolls.

Note; the one foot gap between the edge of the path and first step on bridge.

Someone had thought that balancing a huge rock on the centre slat of the bridge to help people across was somehow a good idea?
And it crossed my mind to jump over the balancing rock, but I feared for putting a new huge hole in the bridge. I didn’t want someone having to move another stone over the new hole.

Fancy a drink?

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So I’ve added my old blog to the sidebar at the, er…..side.

There are a few gems in there. Mr Scruff’s Fish for instance.

Now in my monkey circle there is a known drink called Winka. It’s a tasty mixture I thoguht up one weekend. It’s simply wine and vodka mixed. Here is the exact weekend I thought it up.

Sometimes it is fun to dig up the past.

Nice pic-a-nic

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There have been many memorable lunches while on my many walks around England.

One of my favourite was recently while in Scotland. After attempting, and failing, to climb up Mam Barrisdale we took a small break. People say a picture paints a thousand words. So not much else to say.

Incidentally I was heading to behind the ridge of that mountain on the right.

Lucky that I didn’t lean too far forward and right off that cliff.

If you look hard enough you may see some wooly cows in the lake. But more on them soon.

Another photo of me looking for my lunch.

PS I was eating a pear.

Is it always that quick for you?

Thursday 12 July at 1158 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Work | 6 Comments

After giving up all hope that we were not going to be having any Summer here, my hopes were nailed in a coffin when I looked on works intranet this week…

I can now sit in work and watch the lauch of Autumn LIVE today. Shouldn’t we have a few weeks left till Autumn?

In other news, I nearly got to see John Travolta’s movie Hairspray for free tonight. Only catch being I would have to be filmed giving my opinion. I’m guessing it was so they could put some ‘viewers reviews’ thing on at the end of their commericals.
Sadly, by time it took a colleague to see how many friends wanted to go we were told tickets had gone.

As tagged by Venting

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From here, 7 random things.

1) Work are having a get together. It all takes place on the floor above me and there will be crisps. I’d like to go but don’t want to go alone.

2) I secretly want to take a tape measure the space I have on the bed. I think I’m losing out by a few inches. There are many variables that stop me from doing this, ie side of the bed, but most important; it’s hard to find a tape measure in the dark.

3) For some time I have been getting 9 hours sleep. I’d like to get back in to the habbit of 8 hours sleep. Obviously I’m not going to get up an hour earlier, but there is very little on between 10 and 11 in the pm.

4) I’ve been kept out of family secret’s. I’ve only just been informed that my sister is expecting another baby. My dad, who my sister didn’y make any effort to contact for many years, informed me.

5) I thought about posting the missus a birthday card (it’s her birthday on the 13th for all those that don’t) But their is a postal strike and that day so she might not get any cards at all.

6) I’ve gotten a little addicted to buying computer games. In the past few months I’ve purchased far too many games. Far too many that I now have a back log of games that I have to (a) complete and (b) start playing.

7) I like owning CD’s. This is despite the fact that as soon as I get a CD it immediately goes on my mp3/phone and I put the CD away. I don’t want to buy downloadable music for some reason. I think it’s just better to have the sleeve for the album.

I’ll tag any people.

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