I’m back

Tuesday 03 July at 1250 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Rants, Spain | 4 Comments

So I am back from my week away in Spain. Doing nothing but soak up the soon pool side.

While I have been gone alot has happened. England was flooded. The Spice Girls are reunited. Dr Who finishes (but has a new pop side kick). Both Wimbledon and the Summer try to start. Both fail miserably. Someone tries to blow up London. Eta try to blow up Ibiza airport. And someone attempts to drive a fireball car in to Glasgow airport. Both of these happened on the same day we were to return home. It made those that were already nervous about flying that little extra more nervous.

Well hopefully I’ll have a few photos to share. There could be one of where the missus overslept sunbathing and get very very red.

But in short I had a great time on Holiday. And who knows how long I’ll be going for on my next visit?



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  1. i’m not sure i can let people see that picture!!

  2. What I scary time we live in.

    I mean how can a civilised nation allow the Spice Girls to reunite?!

    p.s. Glad you had a nice holiday.

  3. Nice to have you both back x

  4. My gosh, if all that happens when you go away for a week’s holiday I for one hope you never emigrate!

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