Much ado about nothing

Monday 09 July at 1454 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants | 4 Comments

So now I have quite a bit to write about. As promised many weeks ago I can start blogging about my week in Scotland. My pops finally got round to uploading his photos. I think he is a little shocked at being in the 21st Century.
Also the missus has put up some photos of our recent trip to Spain. So I can do some blogging about them.

But one thing I would like to talk about is my weekend.

I spent the weekend at Shake Rattle and Bowl. A monthly club that takes place in a bowling alley/diner, which also has kareoke and a cinema. It has a massive 1950’s feel to it with many people turning up in great outfits from the era.
It was also a pre birthday party for the missus. And much fun was had by all.
Robot dance
Me doing the robot.

One other special item that I noticed quite easily this weekend. It was my first weekend out since the smoking ban.
And I have to say it was great. The club was such a nicer place to be without the smell of smoke everywhere. It was such a nicer feeling being able to dance without worrying about being burnt by a stray and wild cigerette butt.

I am glad that smoking has been banned from public places. If only we could ban smoking out right. Then the World would be much much better.



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  1. The no smoking ban was in place over 6 years ago in Canada and it’s truly WONDERFUL!!!!

    Btw – you’re tagged!

  2. Hey!! That’s me on the right!! I’d recognise my arm anywhere…

  3. you’ve still not blogged about Scotland OR Spain… get on to it Boy! x

  4. Venting I’ve seen your tag and I’ll get right on to it…I just had to do a quick holiday post to satisfy the missus. But youre next.

    Soupster, it is a very recognisable arm at that too.

    Pinkosa done. What happened to your posts about holidays?

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