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Wednesday 11 July at 0826 | Posted in Life, meme | 2 Comments

From here, 7 random things.

1) Work are having a get together. It all takes place on the floor above me and there will be crisps. I’d like to go but don’t want to go alone.

2) I secretly want to take a tape measure the space I have on the bed. I think I’m losing out by a few inches. There are many variables that stop me from doing this, ie side of the bed, but most important; it’s hard to find a tape measure in the dark.

3) For some time I have been getting 9 hours sleep. I’d like to get back in to the habbit of 8 hours sleep. Obviously I’m not going to get up an hour earlier, but there is very little on between 10 and 11 in the pm.

4) I’ve been kept out of family secret’s. I’ve only just been informed that my sister is expecting another baby. My dad, who my sister didn’y make any effort to contact for many years, informed me.

5) I thought about posting the missus a birthday card (it’s her birthday on the 13th for all those that don’t) But their is a postal strike and that day so she might not get any cards at all.

6) I’ve gotten a little addicted to buying computer games. In the past few months I’ve purchased far too many games. Far too many that I now have a back log of games that I have to (a) complete and (b) start playing.

7) I like owning CD’s. This is despite the fact that as soon as I get a CD it immediately goes on my mp3/phone and I put the CD away. I don’t want to buy downloadable music for some reason. I think it’s just better to have the sleeve for the album.

I’ll tag any people.



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  1. 1) go…and smuggle out all the crisps, we won’t have to buy any for ages then!
    2)you have the most! i woke up in the night with my nose pressed tot he wall and you were all flailed about
    3) 9 is good. I’m fed up of going to bed on my own, just get up earlier
    5) *gasp* i hadn’t thought of that! so no cards AND no presents 😦
    6) and 7)….erm

  2. I also get left out of family secrets. When I was small I was a shocking blabbermouth and so they’ve got in the habit of keeping secrets from me!

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