Is it always that quick for you?

Thursday 12 July at 1158 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Work | 6 Comments

After giving up all hope that we were not going to be having any Summer here, my hopes were nailed in a coffin when I looked on works intranet this week…

I can now sit in work and watch the lauch of Autumn LIVE today. Shouldn’t we have a few weeks left till Autumn?

In other news, I nearly got to see John Travolta’s movie Hairspray for free tonight. Only catch being I would have to be filmed giving my opinion. I’m guessing it was so they could put some ‘viewers reviews’ thing on at the end of their commericals.
Sadly, by time it took a colleague to see how many friends wanted to go we were told tickets had gone.



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  1. What Autumn already!

    I demand that we cancel autumn and try summer again, because so far summer has just not been good enough.

  2. shame she doesn’t get to sit next to you in a dark cinema and ‘accidentally’ hold your hand now….. i know he game, oh yes šŸ˜‰ xx

  3. Me and my friend are convinced August is going to be a scorcher. Fact. Heard it here first. True story.

  4. Rebecca, Im with you on this. I blanked the live launch and will keep my fingers crossed.

    Pinkosa, shame i dont get to get my muggins al over the TV and get my 15 minutes.

    Jo, heard it here and got it locked down. Fact.

  5. moirob from 20six, right? Right! I was just looking up auld chums. How are you? Sure you dun remember me, but I rem how you tried to teach me to make the wee moving gifs. šŸ™‚

  6. Fiona, thats right. How the heck did you find me? Your investigating skills are up their with Lois Lane.
    I do remember a Fiona. What is your old 20six address? (I’d try looking myself but 20six as always seems to be having problems)
    Are you still blogging?
    I tried to teach you to make moving gifs? Did it work? Can you teach me? šŸ˜€

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