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Monday 16 July at 1255 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Scotland | 7 Comments

There have been many memorable lunches while on my many walks around England.

One of my favourite was recently while in Scotland. After attempting, and failing, to climb up Mam Barrisdale we took a small break. People say a picture paints a thousand words. So not much else to say.

Incidentally I was heading to behind the ridge of that mountain on the right.

Lucky that I didn’t lean too far forward and right off that cliff.

If you look hard enough you may see some wooly cows in the lake. But more on them soon.

Another photo of me looking for my lunch.

PS I was eating a pear.



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  1. Great picture of an amazing view and a fine example of a U-shaped valley!

  2. That looks so unreal. Like the you have been pasted over the top of an image. Really beautiful though.

  3. Betty I really did enjoy that view. It was espcially nice being able to sit down after my dad tried to get us to climb up sheer cliff faces. I think a U Shaped valley is actually called a Ualley….dont ask me to pronounce that though 😉

    Rebecca I can confirm that I was sat up on that bit of mountain. It was a bit touch and go when we got to the deer, but we managed to get passed them (There will be photos of the deer and how close they got to us soon)

  4. That is a superb photo. What a view!

  5. I would have made the picture more exciting by saying ‘PS. I was eating a Bear’

  6. Soupster, we were a bit lucky that we had good weather that day. The previous few days had been some heavy rain.

    Jo, I hadnt thought of that.

  7. […] next time I saw, what I guess was the same herd, was the same day I was looking at the beautiful scenenary. As we got down from the mountain (and again I was pleased to see the floor, my dad nearly had us […]

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