Fancy a drink?

Tuesday 17 July at 0923 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal | 4 Comments

So I’ve added my old blog to the sidebar at the, er…..side.

There are a few gems in there. Mr Scruff’s Fish for instance.

Now in my monkey circle there is a known drink called Winka. It’s a tasty mixture I thoguht up one weekend. It’s simply wine and vodka mixed. Here is the exact weekend I thought it up.

Sometimes it is fun to dig up the past.



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  1. although sometimes it’s bad to dig up the past…. i’ve just enojyed reading your ‘Zoolady’ entries! awwwww you were all cute about me then….

  2. I want one of those drinks NOW!

  3. Now that sounds very wrong.

  4. Sammster The past is always good to remember. Re-living the past isnt always as fun.

    Rebecca, try it. Just make sure its not a school night.

    Julia, do you mean very wrong in a very right way?

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