A bridge too far

Wednesday 18 July at 1559 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Scotland | 4 Comments

When walking across the vast emptiness of Scotlands Knoydart, and many other paths in England, one thing a person may encounter is a bridge.

In Knoydart there were many dangerous bridges that I’d have to cross. Life threatening ones. And I’m not making this up. There were actual signs posted near the bridges saying that “users do so at their own risk.”

At times I wished the only danger at bridges was that they homed trolls.

Note; the one foot gap between the edge of the path and first step on bridge.

Someone had thought that balancing a huge rock on the centre slat of the bridge to help people across was somehow a good idea?
And it crossed my mind to jump over the balancing rock, but I feared for putting a new huge hole in the bridge. I didn’t want someone having to move another stone over the new hole.



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  1. So the Health and Safety brigade is yet to reach rural Scotland?

  2. Bit like when you go past an electricity pylon and there’s the sign ‘Danger – threat of death’…what…if I’m just standing next to it? Climbing it? Or just in general? Will it come alive and attack me with wires? Or is it referring to the field that I’m standing in? Killer grass?

  3. Rebecca, lets hope it stays that way. I’drather risk my life and have a tale to tell crossing an old wooden bridge, then using some horrible safe one.

    Paul i swas kind of refreshing not to have CCTV watching you.

    Jo, dont even get me started on pulons. I have a fear of them. Everytime I walk under them – especially in the rain – I can hear the electricity and think its going to jump out and get me.
    Although I am with you on the sign not being clear. You could be worrying about “can electricity really jump that far and kill me?” When all of a sudden a herd of mad cows runs you down.

  4. i love this boulder… it’s ace

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