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Thursday 19 July at 1306 | Posted in Humour, Personal | 2 Comments

A few quotes from the World.

While at the zoo the other day, me and the missus were in the new small mammal area. Which I have to say is ace. You must go.
I overheard one zookeeper telling a second

“Well one of the monkeys jumped on to a hanging basket. The basket started to spin around fast. The monkey was sat in the basket and was looking very dizzy. It then tried to jump out of the basket on to a branch. Completely missed and fell to the floor. It then just sat there still looking dizzy.”

This is why we will never turn in to Planet of the Apes.

I had a friend round at the weekend. He is new to the area – he also works for Metronet so I don’t expect him around for long. He left the house late to catch the bus home. Not knowing the area I received a text late saying

“What does Bromley Station look like?”

My reply,

“Its a big building with train’s in it.”

I bet Leslie Neilson would be proud of that.

In other news.
My mobile phone contract is up soon. I can’t wait. I get to renew my phone. I’ve been looking at the N95 since it was realeased. It’s just. A. Great. Phone.
In the last few days though the bus I get home has been pulling up at a stop that has a massive N95 advert on the shelter. It’s really annoying.
But I have less then a month left….



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  1. oh! i like youre quote things, very posh

  2. You can do them in your blog. It’s easy. I’ll show you later.

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