Meep Meep

Wednesday 25 July at 1335 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Scotland | 8 Comments

Another photo from my walks.

No story about this, except that I took this photo about half an hours walk from the cows. It just reminded me of a scene from The Road Runner.



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  1. eeee hehehe

  2. Has someone just let alot of air ou of you really fast?

  3. i have no air left in me today 😦

  4. Oi!! How nice! I go away, and the thing decides to work!! Thank you for telling me Rob. I appreciate it. Now I can bug you in all my glory!!! haha!

    Your meep reminds me of my friend who taught the retarded Fiona to text. He said to just text ‘meep!’ and then he would respond with ‘moop!’ Well, rite, you would have had to have been there. :-p

    hspace is something I put into an image tag if I want to wrap text around a picture. I will have the url encased in quote marks and the align=”left” hspace=”8″ then the tag end. On a normal site, it will wrap the text around the right of the image, which is on the left, AND the hspace leaves a bit of white space between the picture and the text, but some wordpress layouts will not do it, so I assume they have some other style tag that overrides it. I do it at fuise on livejournal all the time. 🙂

  5. omg! I forgot to put the website. 😥

  6. I think it might be because I was not logged in. I think WP really ought to be able to read my mind. :-p

  7. Well you finally got there.

    How long did your friend do their Meep Moop texting advice? Do you still do it?

    I think I know what you mean by hspace. On wordpres you click the little picture of a little picture on the toolbar in a new entry. Then you can select whether to align the picture to the left or right of the screen. If there is space it will automatically write down the side. (I think if you align to the right it’s best to position the picture after the this letter of the paragraph you want next to it. It works in practise.)
    Also, in the same popup menu you get for the picture you can set up the verticle and horizontal space. I’ve never used this but I think this is what is used to create a space between the image and the writing.
    You should test it.

  8. awww look at all your comments!


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