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Friday 27 July at 1030 | Posted in Rants, TV | 12 Comments

Online petitions. Do they work? Has anyone ever known anything to of been changed through an online petiton?

Last night I watched the first episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on More4. For those that don’t know, Studio 60 is a satire drama based behind the scenes of an American sketch comedy show.
The show is created by the same guy who brought us The West Wing.
The first episode was well written, funny and great to watch. A little fast, but that’s what is expected from the guy who brought us West Wing and Sports Night. It has great potential to be a fantastic show.
In America it was met by critical acclaim, had the most online attention and one of the highly anticipated picks of NBC’s schedule. It was nominated for a host of awards including Emmys and Golden Globes.
Unfortunately the public didn’t get it. It’s ratings in America declined with each episode. Rumours spread that the show was going to be cancelled after it’s episodes kept getting taken off air for other shows.
As of yesterday it’s website had a notice stating the last episode would be it’s finale.

I don’t know how much I would be able to get hooked on something I know is going to end after one series. Alot of shows I watch have runs for many series. Hopefully the thought that “this is all I’m getting,” won’t put me off watching it.

If you missed it you can catch a repeat on More4 on Sunday at 11.05pm.
It is normally shown on Thursday’s at 11pm.

Once you’ve watched it I’m sure you’ll put some faith in online petitions and go and sign this to get NBC to change their desicion.



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  1. Was this the one with Matthew Perry in it? The adverts looked quite funny although I’m yet to catch an episode on More4.

  2. I’m gutted i was too tired to watch it 😦

  3. Yeah Jo, it’s the one with Matthew Perry in. It only started last night, which might be a reason you’ve missed it. If you can, watch the repeat on Sunday.

    Pinkosa, you could always sky+ it next door and watch it when you can. Sky+ the repeat this weekend.

  4. I love that show. It was pretty popular here.. what episodes they did make at least 🙂
    Hope alls well 🙂

  5. Surely the online petition is there to prove how popular you are because of the vast number of hits. The counter dosn’t care that they were all against!!! Don’t think much ever came out of offline petitions either.

  6. Americans are fecking weird. sorry.

  7. I mean, look whom they have for president? What could you expect?

  8. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has just finished on Irish TV and I’m a bit gutted as I really liked it. It isn’t often that America produces an interesting, funny, intelligent TV show. Of course the fact that don’t even recognise a good thing when they have it says a lot about the Amercian TV stations.

  9. Hey Shelby, Alls well here. Long time no see. Hope your doing good? I dont think the execs at NBC thought Studio 60 was doing as well as it could of been doing though.
    Dave, do you have a personal vendetta towards petitions?
    Fiona look who we had for PM. We’re not doing much better. (and I doubt Gordon Brown will do any better either) Obviously, some Americans arent good when it comes to desicion making.
    Betty, youve seen the whole series? Absolutely not a single peep out of you! I think that the producers dont get the chance to do much when it comes to making a good comedy. Which is why there are always half a dozen 30 minute sitcoms coming out every year.
    If creators/producers could make what they wanted without worrying about being axed, we would get much better TV shows.

  10. I enjoyed watching this earlier in the year. Given a couple of seasons, it could really have developed into a great show.

  11. That show quickly became one of my favorites, which seems to mean certain death for it. Most of the shows I enjoy meet a premature demise, and shows I can’t stand air in perpetuity. Hopefully they don’t mess with the rest of the Thursday night lineup.


  12. That’s always the case when it comes to shows Joe.
    What I find happens in Britain is all the better American shows always find themselves on at stupid times. Seinfeld was on BBC2 at about 1130pm. And Larry Sanders is currently on ITV4 at about 1am. No one has a chance at watching these.

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