Fat of the Reich

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 Update: I’ve been lied to. Thanks to some first hand information from a Knoydart resident, it has come to my attention that Lord Brocket erected his own monument and Inverie House has been lived in for some time now.
The below is just proof of what a game of Chinese Whispers can do.
Enjoy the story.

One resident of the Knoydart’s was a very rich man known as Lord Brocket who bought the estate in the 1930’s. He owned most of the Knoydart region. Knoydart lore goes that Lord Brocket was a Nazi sympathiser. He booted out most of the resident’s of the Knoydart to make way for fishing and shooting to entertain the Nazi’s.
Rumour says that he even suggested allowing the Knoydart to be a stopping point for when the Nazi’s invaded Britain.

When Lord Brocket died in 1967, resident’s erected a monument in his memory.

When my dad was first told this story he asked why would the resident’s erect a monument to someone who kicked them off their land, ruined lives and who was a Nazi sympathiser?

The reply he got was along the lines of
“Well the monument was built just to make sure the bastard didn’t get out of his grave.”

Nice folk in the Knoydart.

Another Brocket story, but one I never knew about.
The Brocket estate also owns Inverie House. A huge building which is now unoccupied. Although it is fully furnished with carpets and cutlery. Even a grand piano in the corner of one room. (It even has a gun facing Loch Nevis, probably to stop any British ships getting too close)
A place that looks as if the occupants have only been gone a few days.
When asking at the only pub in the village about why the house is still furnised, reponse is “carrying a grand piano, 20 miles across mountains unnoticed isn’t the easiest of tasks.”
Although the legend of the empty home may be at an end as a buyer may have taken over ownership recently.

Which is a shame as it would of been quite good, but eerie, day out if I ever went to the Knoydarts again.



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  1. i like this story, well you know that already

    if i hadn’t been so wet and tired that day, i would have walked up to see it!

  2. omg! I wanted to log in so I could comment about this natzi hotsi-totze, and wordpress took its sweet time. I forgot wat I was going to say! Oh! Maybe they buried some stuff with this guy. Maybe they put that cross on him to save his black soul! People are weird, aren’t they?

  3. psh…’sammy’s’ blog is nat goin anywhere here on that link.

  4. Betty the Sheep and Binky the Doormat?

    *goes to investigate*

  5. Pinkosa, had it been a sunny day you could of seen this and teh cows together. They were close to each other.

    Fiona, Its annoying when wordpress takes its sweet time and you forget what you were going to say.
    Sammy just puts in fake addresses now and then when she is lazy (and when wordpress is taking its sweet time logging in.) If you want to read her blog look up Pink Jellybaby on my bloglist.
    Betty is a good read. And from Ireland…I think. Binky has been quiet of recent

    At least your little picture is popping up in comments.

  6. who’s calling me lazy?!? :p

  7. Hi there – nice reading about your holiday. Just thought I would let you know – Lord Brocket had the memorial erected while he was alive. He allegedly left a space on the plaque for his own name, which was never filled in, unsurprisingly. Oh, and Inverie house has been occupied for six years now – and it is still furnished (it was bought from the Knoydart Foundation) All the best – Tommy.

  8. Hi Tommy, thanks for commenting. Glad youve enjoyed reading about my Knoydart adventures. I really enjoyed it up there.
    Thanks for clearing up the Brocket stuff, little be sad to hear it’s all untrue. My dad will be disappointed to hear about that. They were really good stories I thought.
    I guess vistors shouldnt listen too much to what the folk in the Old Forge say when drunk then 😀 haha
    Thanks for clearing things up.
    PS I think you should perhaps tell the folk at Inverie House to keep there doors locked as they have been getting a few trespassers

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