Who is on first?

Friday 31 August at 1318 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, Personal | 4 Comments

Studio 60 keeps getting better and better.

I read a review the other day in the TV pages saying, along the lines “Studio 60 doesn’t know if it’s trying to be a drama or a comedy.” I can agree with that. The review was positive in the end. And even if Studio 60 doesn’t know if it’s trying to be funny or a drama it’s still a great watch.

And it introduces me to stuff like this…..

Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First?

Watch it, it’s fantastic. Needs sound.


Frickin Frick

Thursday 30 August at 0925 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 16 Comments

So the house has a new toy in it. A brand spanking new laptop.

The laptop was purchased to make things easier. And faster. And quieter.  (Isn’t that a Daft Punk song – or rip off Kanye West song depending on what is on your iPod.)

Granted, it does alot of it’s job well. But like with most new computers everytime I go to click an application the damn thing has to go and spend 30 minutes locating, downloading and updating drivers and or software.

One case being I tried to install software for my Nokia phone. When it was installed I tried to move some photos over from the weekend on to the laptop. This didn’t work. The photos just stayed on the phone.
I tried a few times and nothing happend.

Then out of the blue the laptop says it needs to update the built in bluetooth drivers. So I spend 30 minutes downloading software.
Then I go to run the application and it warns me it has to delete my bluetooth drivers first. Thats fine. Then when it removes all the bluetooth stuff the installation then stops. Completely.
The bluetooth device is no where to be seen.
Then I had to search for and install the original drivers. Which takes about another 15 minutes. When that is done I tried to connect the mouse and it starts to install some drivers – which I think was for the mouse, but it doesnt tell me so I am only guessing.
But the drivers don’t install properly and the mouse doesn’t work. So Vista tries this three more times and can’t install the drivers. And the mouse still doesn’t work.
After restarting the computer and bashing the mouse, it finally starts to work.

So I get back to trying to sort my photos out on the mobile. I try again to move them off the phone and on to the pc. Vista updates more drivers. For the phone this time.
They finally move move off the mobile. And dissappear. The photos I wanted to blog about have dissappeared. They are no longer on the phone and can’t be found on the laptop.
So I go to Nokia and update the pc software. Which takes about 20 minutes. Plug in the phone which then gets and update it’s self off the laptop. Then Vista downloads more drivers.

Then al goes quite for a few minutes. Nothing happens Windows stay open. No downloads automatically kick in. Everything is peaceful.
I attempt to move one photo over to the laptop. And it moves. And stays were I put it.

After about 1h30ms of messing about, pulling out hair, missing Heros and telling the missus “If I knew where they were they wouldn’t be lost” the laptop finally can deal with my phone.

But not through bluetooth. Yet.

And the photos are still missing. I’ll blog about my weekend later. But pictureless. Although I may just draw one for you.

(And don’t get me started and the mission that was trying to install the game Bioshock aaarrrrggghhhhhhh)

Giving up the day job

Wednesday 22 August at 1413 | Posted in Life, Personal, TV, Work | 5 Comments

Work have implented an excersie were people can go and “shadow” other employees that work in different departments to get a feel, idea or just some experience in which ever department’s are on offer.

Last Friday I headed up North to Northampton for their annual balloon festival.

It also give me a chance to see what the news teams get up to when they are reporting away from home.

It was a good day out. And although I was a little sad to find out that the balloons only take off early morning or early evening I still got a little hot air action before jumping on the train back home.

Here are some of my highlights.

Although I didn’t get chance to ride a balloon, (actually I almost did) at the beginning of the day one did nearly fall on top of me which was a bit scary.

I also got chance to see the weather reports being done. Although there was more animal talk then weather reporting.
I was very impressed by one member of public who was given the biggest hen EVER to hold and didn’t freak out.

They did have a few celebrities about. Like Chesney Hawkes and Christopher “Kajagoogoo” Hamill (famed for singing “Too Shy“)

Balloons did eventually get to take off. I did get to see a few, but I had to rush to get home at a reasonable hour.

I had a good day out. But I didn’t really learn much about what happens with the news. Although I did give it a go at being a newsreader before I left.

Should I give up the day job?

To see the whole slide show clicky here.

Morning help

Wednesday 15 August at 1323 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Podcast, Rants | 8 Comments

Lately I have been having problems with sleeping. Well not sleeping but just the bit before sleeping, let me explain.

For some unknown reason, maybe someone can give some advice on this, the last few weeks I’ve felt that I won’t be able to sleep.
I’ve gone to bed and spend minutes, possible to to half an hour trying to get comfy and get to sleep. But all the time I’ve been thinking to myself.

I’m not going to be able to sleep. I’m going to be awake for ever.

Sometimes I feel tired, other times I just feel really awake. But no matter how tired I feel my thoughts are always that I am scared I might not be able to sleep.
It’s a little uncomfortable having this feeling.

Some more advice or tips that I would from you guys.
With my new phone having wifi and podcasting capabilites I want to try and use these. I’ve downloaded a few shows that have been in the Nokia directories direct to the phone and played them on my way in to work. The whole process is pretty quick. Well depending on what size of file of course.
The only problem now is that the Nokia directory doesn’t have many good podcast’s. The most notable one is the BBC breakfast show. But I watch that in the morning. So if anyone can give me some good podcasting directories or even name some good podcasting shows, preferably music or comedy, then let me know.



Tuesday 14 August at 1415 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 8 Comments

I’ve been spending quite alot on gadgets of late.

Our old laptop, well the missus laptop, is oooold. It takes forever to load up, applications take a while to load and when the fan starts up after a few minutes it makes the loudest noise EVER! This always interupts the missus as she watches Hollyoaks.
So I decided enough was enough. I went out, well I went to work and looked on Dell‘s website. A few clicks here and there, made customise the laptop to be harder, better, faster, stronger. With built in Bluetooth, the missus always hides my phones USB cable. And pink. (This was the missus choice. It was either Pink or a worse but as expensive Sony laptop. I can get along with pink. Eventually.)
Only problem is I bought the laptop at the end of July and we are still waiting for it to be made. The old laptop really done my head in while Iwas setting up some new software and was telling me there was not enough memory. GOD. DAMNIT.
But I have been told that I should be getting a call about delievery on Friday. All good.

The main use of the old laptop was the interweb. Infact the only use was the interweb. Well the missus sometimes got photo off her camera and put them on the interweb, but other then that the laptop was not used for much. So after forking out about £800 on a new laptop that’s a bit top of the range I thought I really should get a few games to actually test the laptops capabilities.
So after looking around Amazon and the high street a few games were purchased

  • Oblivion. An RPG. Think Dungeons and Dragons. Has up to 200 hours of gameplay. Should definitely keep me occupied.
  • STALKER. A shooting game based in Chernobyl. I like it when games put you in recognisable surroundings but where there is a slight change.
  • The Sims 2. For the missus. She is used to ruling the World. I can see her doing well with this.
  • Zoo Tycoon. Build your own zoo and make it work. Or chose from scenario and complete tasks. The missus almost completed the DS version. She just got a little annoyed at it in the end.

There are a few more. The are also a few that I am not allowed. War of Wolrdcraft (or anyone of those online RPG games) and and football manager game are banned.
The only problem is, we have all these games and nothing to play them on.

My other new toy is my brand new Nokia N95 phone. I’ve been after this for a while. It took a little while to sort out my contract but after leaving the O2 store I no longer had my staff discount – althoguh I haven’t worked at O2 for 4 years – but I was a little richer as instead of getting the phone for £130 I got it for free Excellent!
The phone can do everything. The camera has crisp 5mega pixel images. The video recording is DVD quality, although I haven’t tried this I’ll try and bring you some videos. And once I have recorded some quality footage I can share with everone by connecting the phone to a TV through the cables that come boxed.
It has wifi connection so I can access the internet from any wifi spot and download podcasts straight to my phone through broadband.
It comes with built in maps. O2 offer a free memory card that has the whole of the UK on it. As well as maps it has GPS. So you can always know where you are. No more “am I on this street” while looking at maps for me. My phone will tell me where I am.
Another great feature is the phone keeps track of everything you do and logs it all. You can check out the Lifeblog and see a time line of all texts, photos, videos that you have made and when. Although I haven’t found a use for this yet but it’s nice to know it’s there.
Another neat trick that my phone – and possibly yours- can do is scan special barcodes. Go to this Nokia site to download the software for your Nokia or to find a link to 3rd party software for other makes of mobile phones.
First person to let me know what this says get’s bragging rights.

Although I have been playing a little too much today as the battery is now dead. I guess I won’t be listening to any tracks or the radio on the way home tonight.

But it is good. So good that I gave up my 5 year old dislike of Nokia phones.

Like a virgin

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One of my activities that I took up while walking around Knoydart was to photograph as many manmade structures I could find.

One, which caught me off guard was a statue of Mary. You know, the mother of Jesus. That Mary.

This one was a little tricky to get as it was on the edge of the land right next to the loch. And the only road that went near it was a kilometre or two away from it.

Although on one visit to Inverie I got lucky and we were given a lift back from the most remotest pub, to our hioliday cabin, by boat.

So I got myself ready to get a photo of this statue. I had to see it.
The reason I wanted to see this statue was, not because I was Catholic, but because I had been told this statue was made of plastic.
It had been given the name, The Plastic Mary.
This was genius.

I don’t know why it was stuck by the loch facing inland? Or why it is so far away from any accesible path? Or even why it was made of plastic?

But it was because of all these things that I wanted to get a photo of it.

Where is the Plastic Baby Jebus?

A penny for your thoughts

Thursday 02 August at 0820 | Posted in Humour, London, Uncategorized | 17 Comments

Today I spotted a tattoo on some mans arm. This gentleman had quite a few tattoos on his arm, but there was one that stuck out.
Just to paint the picture a little more, this gentleman was in about his late 40’s, stocky but not fat. He had a shaved head but not bald. He looked liked the kind of guy that I wouldnt of been surprised to of seen on a Friday night out, stood outside the local bar wearing just black and asking to see everyones ID.

Now that tattoo this guy had was quite surprising. It was of a fish. Not just any fish. Not a dolphin or shark, but a goldfish.
The thing was it wasn’t a life like goldfish. It looked like it had been copied out of a school science text book which first circa’d in the early 70’s.

Now what would posses a man of this stature, to get a old text book style goldfish tattoos right next to his tattoo of a giant bulldog/Union Jack combo?

I couldn’t think of an answer. If there are any people out there with goldfish tattoos, please let me know your thoughts.

One more thing. One of my favourite daily reads is The Onion. I read in this morning’s Metro an article that wouldn’t of gone a miss out of The Onion’s satire pages.
The article was about Facebooks security scare and some down time it had the other evening.

Facebook users worldwide had a cyber shock when the social network website crashed. Problems affected it for 90 minutes with the site completely at a standstill for a time.
One office worker said: ‘Arrggh… what to do without Facebook? I’ll have to do some work instead.’

Now, I’m not too sure if this is a joke. Or whether the reporter did actually ask an office worker there thoughts?

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