A penny for your thoughts

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Today I spotted a tattoo on some mans arm. This gentleman had quite a few tattoos on his arm, but there was one that stuck out.
Just to paint the picture a little more, this gentleman was in about his late 40’s, stocky but not fat. He had a shaved head but not bald. He looked liked the kind of guy that I wouldnt of been surprised to of seen on a Friday night out, stood outside the local bar wearing just black and asking to see everyones ID.

Now that tattoo this guy had was quite surprising. It was of a fish. Not just any fish. Not a dolphin or shark, but a goldfish.
The thing was it wasn’t a life like goldfish. It looked like it had been copied out of a school science text book which first circa’d in the early 70’s.

Now what would posses a man of this stature, to get a old text book style goldfish tattoos right next to his tattoo of a giant bulldog/Union Jack combo?

I couldn’t think of an answer. If there are any people out there with goldfish tattoos, please let me know your thoughts.

One more thing. One of my favourite daily reads is The Onion. I read in this morning’s Metro an article that wouldn’t of gone a miss out of The Onion’s satire pages.
The article was about Facebooks security scare and some down time it had the other evening.

Facebook users worldwide had a cyber shock when the social network website crashed. Problems affected it for 90 minutes with the site completely at a standstill for a time.
One office worker said: ‘Arrggh… what to do without Facebook? I’ll have to do some work instead.’

Now, I’m not too sure if this is a joke. Or whether the reporter did actually ask an office worker there thoughts?



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  1. 😀

    did you see the little monkey!?!??!!?

  2. I have no clue….

  3. Pinkosa, I did. There was an even cuter and tiny monkey on This Morning yesterday. A little baby one.

    TT do you have a fish tattoo?

    The facebook thing has gotten really out of hand. All the free papers report on facebooks service, almost as much as the tube tannoy shouts “There is a good service on all lines.” Im half expecting the papers to start having a star rating giving facebook server quality.
    Also everyday there is a different article about facebook in them too.
    And to top it all off , one of the girls in work has been texting a boy she met at the weekend. The last text she received said
    “Are you on facebook?”
    People, put down the facebook.

  4. I have always been curious about tattoos and the reasons people choose them…this one is very odd.

  5. Haha…me and facebook aren’t talking at the moment, our relationship is complicated…but the one time I did try and get on it was the downtime the other evening. I was imagining all the people across the world going ‘OMG FACKIN HELL NOW I WONT KNOW WHAT TIME THE PARTY STARTS AAHHHH’ and a mass hysteria…millions of otherwise socially devoid people looking to one another like ‘what now??’

  6. Utah, it certainly is a bizarre choice of tat.
    Jo, there was even a facebook article in todays metro. Talking about it’s advertising. Who. Gives. A damn!
    Facebook has gotten a bit OTT now. Seriously. Glad to see your not on speaking terms. The World needs a break from it.

  7. for someone who hates face book, you spend a fair bit of time on it :p

  8. i suspect that it was his first, or maybe second, pet. i think you’ll find alot of these ‘tough’ guys are a bit soft on the inside. the mean exterior is often merely a shell to protect their mollusc like squishy sensitivity.. bless

  9. Pinkosa, you cant cheat by saying I use facebook too much then send me a facebook message to get me on there to prove your point.

    Shenanigans thats a good theory. But the fish didnt have any name under it – as far as I could – which is a favourite of hard men.
    Do yo uknow about this mollusc-esque inner self from first hand?

  10. i so didn’t do that.. but i wish i’d thought of that, it’d make me dead clever

  11. Nope. No tattoos. I don’t want any identifying marks, just incase I choose to embark on a life of crime. 🙂

  12. Facebook is killing me. I hate forced networking, but every time I think I’m getting away, it keeps pulling me back in again. I’m gonna leave a horse’s head in Facebook’s bed and see if that learns it a lesson.

  13. TT, well most criminals have tattoos so you would stick out like a sore thumb.

    Lita I’d offer you help with collecting and dropping off said horses head, but I’m allergic to animal hair.
    But I bet facebook has a “put horse head in someones bed” application.

  14. There’s life beyond facebook? Please don’t make me have to work again.. I enjoy my virtual reality. And as for Goldfish man… that sounds like too many drinks on a night in Hong Kong and waking up with…

  15. People get some weird tattoos. I know a guy who got a giant tattoo of America on his back and underneath it reads in like caligraphy “NORTH AMERICA.” How absurd is that?? I love it.

  16. i wish i knew first hard about being mollusc like on the inside, old pal.. alas, i’m exactly the oppisite; i’m all squishy on the outside, but have a rock hard ice core, like a moon of jupiter. also, i am similarly sized. sigh..
    can i add too that i am fully over FB and MS ad nauseum.. big yawn, say i.. and what’s with all the applications you allude to? i’m still trying to work out RSSeses for my site.. sod the bloody time wasting zombies! have i got time to start biting chumps?! hell no!

  17. Paul Im with you on that idea. Perhaps he was born in the year of the Goldfish. Does the Chinese have a year of the Goldfish?

    Barclay thats real patriotism for you.

    Shenanigan, a core like a moon of Jupiter? Really? Youll have to watch out that scientists dont start trying to fly satellites at you.
    Good to have you on board the off board with FB club

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