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One of my activities that I took up while walking around Knoydart was to photograph as many manmade structures I could find.

One, which caught me off guard was a statue of Mary. You know, the mother of Jesus. That Mary.

This one was a little tricky to get as it was on the edge of the land right next to the loch. And the only road that went near it was a kilometre or two away from it.

Although on one visit to Inverie I got lucky and we were given a lift back from the most remotest pub, to our hioliday cabin, by boat.

So I got myself ready to get a photo of this statue. I had to see it.
The reason I wanted to see this statue was, not because I was Catholic, but because I had been told this statue was made of plastic.
It had been given the name, The Plastic Mary.
This was genius.

I don’t know why it was stuck by the loch facing inland? Or why it is so far away from any accesible path? Or even why it was made of plastic?

But it was because of all these things that I wanted to get a photo of it.

Where is the Plastic Baby Jebus?



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  1. That looks pretty fanatastic in front of those mountains.

    I think they put these statues in tricky places so pilgrims can show their devotion to God by trying to get there.

    The boat seems a much easier way to do it. πŸ™‚

  2. Was it either bleeding or crying at the time?

  3. ugh…I can’t see the photo. What a shame, I love the wooly cows!

  4. It’s not Glow-in-the-dark Plastic is it? How cool would that be?

  5. pastic? what’s that? :p

  6. Rebecca, it does look pretty. But it isnt any Christ the Redeemer is it. The boat was much more easier then swimming though.

    TT – I couldn’t tell. But from the pose it looks a little distressed.

    Utah you can’t see the photo? Ok just for you, here is the LINK

    cha0tic. That. Would. Be. Genius. What a great idea. I can only hope!

    Alright smarty pants.

  7. awww πŸ™‚ i think you typed this all very quick! After all, i’ve not heard of Baby Jebus! hehe

  8. I did actually mean ‘Baby Jebus’.

    That is what Homer calls him πŸ˜‰

  9. How big is the plastic statue of Mary? I never thought a statue of Mary would be in plastic!

  10. I wonder if the Mary was made out of recycled plastic, and if the whole country has been forced into recycling mode by the need to make mary environmentally friendly.

  11. WHERE on earth is that place? Looks like the end of the world or is it on the outer edges of London somewhere? But that’s the same thing I guess…

  12. I got it now…Thanks. This reminds me of a trip the old man and I took last fall. I’ll have to post that one, it is a strange story.

  13. […] things happened to me on this trip that was brought back to my memory from a post on “the boy who likes to“‘ […]

  14. I know my brain works in random patterns.

  15. Betty I’m not sure how big the statue is. I’d guess about 15 or 20 feet.

    Jo next time I pass by I’ll check for the “this Mary has been made with 80% recycled plastic” sticker

    Paul, it’s a tad further. It is in Inverie in Scotland. Right next to Skye. You can easily see sky even in bad weather.

    Utah, I can see th elink between Mary and Jebus.

  16. Hello!

    I know I’m pretty late to the part here, but just stumbled across this article.

    I can answer a question you have – why plastic!

    The original was made of bronze, but when they went to place it there, they found it was to heavy! For all they tried they couldn’t think of a way to get the statue onto the plinth… So they had it remade in plastic!

    It’s also hollow, with a hole at the rear, so you can climb in ‘Mary’s behind’. Very catholic.

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