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I’ve been spending quite alot on gadgets of late.

Our old laptop, well the missus laptop, is oooold. It takes forever to load up, applications take a while to load and when the fan starts up after a few minutes it makes the loudest noise EVER! This always interupts the missus as she watches Hollyoaks.
So I decided enough was enough. I went out, well I went to work and looked on Dell‘s website. A few clicks here and there, made customise the laptop to be harder, better, faster, stronger. With built in Bluetooth, the missus always hides my phones USB cable. And pink. (This was the missus choice. It was either Pink or a worse but as expensive Sony laptop. I can get along with pink. Eventually.)
Only problem is I bought the laptop at the end of July and we are still waiting for it to be made. The old laptop really done my head in while Iwas setting up some new software and was telling me there was not enough memory. GOD. DAMNIT.
But I have been told that I should be getting a call about delievery on Friday. All good.

The main use of the old laptop was the interweb. Infact the only use was the interweb. Well the missus sometimes got photo off her camera and put them on the interweb, but other then that the laptop was not used for much. So after forking out about £800 on a new laptop that’s a bit top of the range I thought I really should get a few games to actually test the laptops capabilities.
So after looking around Amazon and the high street a few games were purchased

  • Oblivion. An RPG. Think Dungeons and Dragons. Has up to 200 hours of gameplay. Should definitely keep me occupied.
  • STALKER. A shooting game based in Chernobyl. I like it when games put you in recognisable surroundings but where there is a slight change.
  • The Sims 2. For the missus. She is used to ruling the World. I can see her doing well with this.
  • Zoo Tycoon. Build your own zoo and make it work. Or chose from scenario and complete tasks. The missus almost completed the DS version. She just got a little annoyed at it in the end.

There are a few more. The are also a few that I am not allowed. War of Wolrdcraft (or anyone of those online RPG games) and and football manager game are banned.
The only problem is, we have all these games and nothing to play them on.

My other new toy is my brand new Nokia N95 phone. I’ve been after this for a while. It took a little while to sort out my contract but after leaving the O2 store I no longer had my staff discount – althoguh I haven’t worked at O2 for 4 years – but I was a little richer as instead of getting the phone for £130 I got it for free Excellent!
The phone can do everything. The camera has crisp 5mega pixel images. The video recording is DVD quality, although I haven’t tried this I’ll try and bring you some videos. And once I have recorded some quality footage I can share with everone by connecting the phone to a TV through the cables that come boxed.
It has wifi connection so I can access the internet from any wifi spot and download podcasts straight to my phone through broadband.
It comes with built in maps. O2 offer a free memory card that has the whole of the UK on it. As well as maps it has GPS. So you can always know where you are. No more “am I on this street” while looking at maps for me. My phone will tell me where I am.
Another great feature is the phone keeps track of everything you do and logs it all. You can check out the Lifeblog and see a time line of all texts, photos, videos that you have made and when. Although I haven’t found a use for this yet but it’s nice to know it’s there.
Another neat trick that my phone – and possibly yours- can do is scan special barcodes. Go to this Nokia site to download the software for your Nokia or to find a link to 3rd party software for other makes of mobile phones.
First person to let me know what this says get’s bragging rights.

Although I have been playing a little too much today as the battery is now dead. I guess I won’t be listening to any tracks or the radio on the way home tonight.

But it is good. So good that I gave up my 5 year old dislike of Nokia phones.



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  1. Oi!!!!
    i don’t HIDE your USB cable… i PUT IT AWAY (in the same place every time so i don’t know why you can never find it)
    i said we could get yellow but YOU ordered pink…so ner

    and i wish they would HURRY UP!!! I WANT IT NOW please xxx

  2. Erm… £800 does not buy a top of the range laptop even if it is a Dell (and please God why a Dell? *sigh*) 🙂 Come back when you’ve got a £2000-£2500 laptop, not that’s going to be top of the range 😛 Oblivion is very cool, you’ll enjoy that.

    STAY AWAY FROM WORLD OF WARCRAFT. That game is evil. It consumed far too many hours of my life every week (and still consumes too much of my ex g/f’s time). I’m not kidding, I found it harder to quit WoW than I did quitting smoking.

  3. “Where is the Use? Thoughts?”

    & that was using an old Nokia 6600 :p

  4. OK I don’t know what that thing is but it looks just like the postage meter mark @ my office.

  5. Pinkosa you dont “put it away” in the same place. First it was next to the computer. Now it’s the other side of the the room. I’m never sure where it’s gonna be.

    Don, ok maybe not a ‘high end’ computer, but it’s no slacker. Dell gave the best options and we were able to customise the laptop. Not in a pimp my laptop kind of way, but we were able to increase a few bits and bobs and include bluetooth. No where else offered that.
    And it was much cheaper then other laptops I had looked at. (I’m looking at you Sony)
    I think the hardest thing about not playing WoW will be my dad phoning me and asking why I havent signed up yet.

    Cha0tic, spot on. You even included my grammar mistake. Kudos to you.
    Have you found any use for the barcode reader?

    Utah, if you have a camera phone you can scan that postage mark and it will give you a little secret. Although it isn’t secret anymore as Cha0tic has ID’d it.
    Maybe you shoudl download the software for your camera phone and see if the office postage mark has any hidden secrets.

  6. Technology overload. 🙂 I was with you up until you started talking about games and then you lost me. I’ve never been into computer games, the last thing I remember playing was tetrus!

  7. This isn’t technology talk. No one has mentioned DX10, yet, or SLI. You are aware that they’re just releasing the new generation of graphics cards and now is just about the worst time to be buying a new laptop? 😀

  8. Sheepster this is about the only fix of technology Ill get all year. And it is all happening at once. I’m feeling a slight technology over load.

    Dom I havent a clue about DX10 or the latest graphics card. My main way of playing games is with the Wii. The only reason I went out and bought some games for the PC is because I just spent so much on it. Otherwise I havent touched a PC game for a few years.

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