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Wednesday 15 August at 1323 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Podcast, Rants | 8 Comments

Lately I have been having problems with sleeping. Well not sleeping but just the bit before sleeping, let me explain.

For some unknown reason, maybe someone can give some advice on this, the last few weeks I’ve felt that I won’t be able to sleep.
I’ve gone to bed and spend minutes, possible to to half an hour trying to get comfy and get to sleep. But all the time I’ve been thinking to myself.

I’m not going to be able to sleep. I’m going to be awake for ever.

Sometimes I feel tired, other times I just feel really awake. But no matter how tired I feel my thoughts are always that I am scared I might not be able to sleep.
It’s a little uncomfortable having this feeling.

Some more advice or tips that I would from you guys.
With my new phone having wifi and podcasting capabilites I want to try and use these. I’ve downloaded a few shows that have been in the Nokia directories direct to the phone and played them on my way in to work. The whole process is pretty quick. Well depending on what size of file of course.
The only problem now is that the Nokia directory doesn’t have many good podcast’s. The most notable one is the BBC breakfast show. But I watch that in the morning. So if anyone can give me some good podcasting directories or even name some good podcasting shows, preferably music or comedy, then let me know.




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  1. the more you worry thinking that you won’t sleep, the harder you will find it to get to sleep.

    perhaps a cup of coco before bed 😉

  2. My wife’s the same way. Some nights, she just gets back up and stays up all night. I’m the exact opposite – I’m usually asleep before I actually go to bed. My remarks about how my conscience is clean enough to let me sleep usually get me in trouble.
    Tried warm milk?

  3. I get like that sometimes but my brain usually gets tired of worrying about getting to sleep and I eventually drift off. A mug of hot milk with a shot of brandy in it is always good just before you go to bed. 🙂

  4. Sorry to say it with all the wholesome suggestions above, but knocking one out just before bed has helped me in the past when I can’t sleep…

  5. Warm milk… hot coco or copious amounts of sex. All great valid ideas..

  6. I always go to bed with a notebook and pen on my bedside cabinet. This way if there is stuff that i must remember, or is bothering me, I can write it down and deal with it in the morning. Sometimes it helps othertimes it doesn’t. Worth a try though.

  7. Worrying about not sleeping only makes it worse – self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Try doing relaxation exercises and/or stretching before sleep

  8. I often suffer from this too, as well as not being able to STAY asleep. This may sound crazy but it helps me…

    Make your thoughts turn into a pool of black. if anything tries to creep in hold on to the black and form the word “sleep” in white block letters. anytime another thought tries to creep in, go back to the word and see it, concentrate on it…*snores* oh, sorry. anyway, good luck!

    oh, nice blog BTW

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