Giving up the day job

Wednesday 22 August at 1413 | Posted in Life, Personal, TV, Work | 5 Comments

Work have implented an excersie were people can go and “shadow” other employees that work in different departments to get a feel, idea or just some experience in which ever department’s are on offer.

Last Friday I headed up North to Northampton for their annual balloon festival.

It also give me a chance to see what the news teams get up to when they are reporting away from home.

It was a good day out. And although I was a little sad to find out that the balloons only take off early morning or early evening I still got a little hot air action before jumping on the train back home.

Here are some of my highlights.

Although I didn’t get chance to ride a balloon, (actually I almost did) at the beginning of the day one did nearly fall on top of me which was a bit scary.

I also got chance to see the weather reports being done. Although there was more animal talk then weather reporting.
I was very impressed by one member of public who was given the biggest hen EVER to hold and didn’t freak out.

They did have a few celebrities about. Like Chesney Hawkes and Christopher “Kajagoogoo” Hamill (famed for singing “Too Shy“)

Balloons did eventually get to take off. I did get to see a few, but I had to rush to get home at a reasonable hour.

I had a good day out. But I didn’t really learn much about what happens with the news. Although I did give it a go at being a newsreader before I left.

Should I give up the day job?

To see the whole slide show clicky here.



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  1. Chesney Hawkes? Is he still about? Surely he’s more Z list that A list these days (then agian, in his heyday he can’t have been more than C list) 😀 You’d never make a news reader by the way, no tie 😛 (none of this channel 5 casual rubbish for me thankyou 😀 )

  2. Ohhh I want to have a go at being a newsreader. Definitely give up the day job. Imagine if it was sunny, you’d be outside floating around and sitting on err..straw bales by the look of it. Great fun.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those Hot Balloon festivals! Looks great. And if giving up the day job means that sort of thing regularly – then where do I sign?!!!

  4. being a newsreader would be GREAT!!! but i think i’d struggle to keep a straight face at all the stupid stories!

  5. Chesney Hawkes? You gotta be kidding me.. Wow!
    Who is he?

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