Frickin Frick

Thursday 30 August at 0925 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 16 Comments

So the house has a new toy in it. A brand spanking new laptop.

The laptop was purchased to make things easier. And faster. And quieter.  (Isn’t that a Daft Punk song – or rip off Kanye West song depending on what is on your iPod.)

Granted, it does alot of it’s job well. But like with most new computers everytime I go to click an application the damn thing has to go and spend 30 minutes locating, downloading and updating drivers and or software.

One case being I tried to install software for my Nokia phone. When it was installed I tried to move some photos over from the weekend on to the laptop. This didn’t work. The photos just stayed on the phone.
I tried a few times and nothing happend.

Then out of the blue the laptop says it needs to update the built in bluetooth drivers. So I spend 30 minutes downloading software.
Then I go to run the application and it warns me it has to delete my bluetooth drivers first. Thats fine. Then when it removes all the bluetooth stuff the installation then stops. Completely.
The bluetooth device is no where to be seen.
Then I had to search for and install the original drivers. Which takes about another 15 minutes. When that is done I tried to connect the mouse and it starts to install some drivers – which I think was for the mouse, but it doesnt tell me so I am only guessing.
But the drivers don’t install properly and the mouse doesn’t work. So Vista tries this three more times and can’t install the drivers. And the mouse still doesn’t work.
After restarting the computer and bashing the mouse, it finally starts to work.

So I get back to trying to sort my photos out on the mobile. I try again to move them off the phone and on to the pc. Vista updates more drivers. For the phone this time.
They finally move move off the mobile. And dissappear. The photos I wanted to blog about have dissappeared. They are no longer on the phone and can’t be found on the laptop.
So I go to Nokia and update the pc software. Which takes about 20 minutes. Plug in the phone which then gets and update it’s self off the laptop. Then Vista downloads more drivers.

Then al goes quite for a few minutes. Nothing happens Windows stay open. No downloads automatically kick in. Everything is peaceful.
I attempt to move one photo over to the laptop. And it moves. And stays were I put it.

After about 1h30ms of messing about, pulling out hair, missing Heros and telling the missus “If I knew where they were they wouldn’t be lost” the laptop finally can deal with my phone.

But not through bluetooth. Yet.

And the photos are still missing. I’ll blog about my weekend later. But pictureless. Although I may just draw one for you.

(And don’t get me started and the mission that was trying to install the game Bioshock aaarrrrggghhhhhhh)



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  1. Hey, don’t shy away from Microsoft Paint. I hear it’s exceedingly good for making pictures and adding to photos…better than Adobe, I’ve heard.

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  3. Paint does a great job. I hardly use any proper arty software.

    And your MS Paint skills are aces!

  4. awww look at you!! and you never get annoyed!

  5. Microsoft isn’t the answer. No is the answer. Microsoft is the question.

    Get a mac, 360 and a 46″ HD telly. Do proper computing on the mac, play Bioshock on the hayuge telly. Trust me, it’s good 🙂

  6. Pinkosa, Aye. It was a little frustrating. Hopefully in a few days it’ll stop frickin telling me to update stuffs

    Dom I have to say “Screw Mac’s!”
    In the ‘World of hating companies’ I dislike Apple the most.
    Theyre so dull and overhyped. They are like the biege of electronics.

  7. What’s all this about blue stuff – I thought the laptop was pink!

  8. Cat, originally it was suppose to be pink. Till Dell screwed us over. (see pinkjellybaby’s post/comments for a little more on that)
    Perhaps I should of checked if the laptop was pinktooth compatible? Things could of been much easier 🙂

  9. i love paint
    and i love pink

  10. I love America… we have the “Geek Squad” that comes to your home and fixes what ever you broke. Even if its not broke but just me screwing things up! I do that alot.

  11. I say, “Paint the laptop pink”!

  12. I also say, “I might still be a little pissed from last night”!

  13. i’m going to paint it pink while you’re at work today….

  14. More with the bloomin’ lappy! I just finished reading about it over at Jelly Baby’s. Think she might love it a bit more than you do.

  15. Julia that maybe true. But only because I’m the one that has to fix all the problems that occur with a new computer (and there are more this time as it is a new opersating System too)

    The missus just has to wait till she sees that I have stopped pulling out my hair and have a slight crazed look of “a job well done” on my face, then kicks me off and plays The Sims 2.

  16. nonono i’m not having that! I always offer to have a go but you look at me as if to say ‘you’re kidding, you won’t be able to make it work’ and then carry on pulling out your hair and grinding your teeth…

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