To work and back again

Monday 03 September at 1904 | Posted in Lifestyle, London, Personal, Rants, Work | 7 Comments

Well it’s been a good time great time.

I think it must of been about getting on 6 weeks now since school was out for summer. The bus journey in to work has been great during that time. Quiet. Relaxed. Most of all comfortable.

But that time has passed. Last week the school’s started to open again. This morning the kids are back in full force. As I reach the bus stop I can see a group already hanging out near the shop. Asking people to “buy us some fags.” A few minutes later more turn up. They push their way to the front of the line, no respect for anyone around them. The bus is already half full with kids talking loudly, playing annoying RnB music from their phones and just taking up general space.

What make’s this worse though is that all these kids that are on the us or boarding get off at the very first stop which is about a 60 second walk from where we are.

Why can’t they just walk there? Damn them!

Heading back home this evening there was a a man heading towards me on the path. He was a bit unkept. Long hair, beard, unwashed. He was waving about a large plastic labeless bottle, which I can only guess – hope – was cider – and not a mobile toilet.

I tried not to look directly at the man just incase this caused him to lay down the law to me about the powers that be. But this was hard as we were walking down the same path. As I got close to him I noticed that he was laughing quite hard. I got a little worried that he was laughing at me. I got a little paranoid and wondered why someone was laughing at me so much they had to try and hide it?
I was going to ask what was making him laugh so much but then I got a little worried that he might just be slightly insane.

I wish the homeless were a little more predictible.



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  1. hehehe this made me giggle….maybe i should be a homeless person?

  2. Damn those children! I wasn’t like that when I was young….well not totally like that. 🙂

  3. I tried to read this post without the image of Victor Meldrew popping into my head…

    ….nope, no can do 😀

  4. Pinkosa, you should try that out 😀

    Rebecca, I walked to school. Children of today should follow my example.

    Jo then you’ll just have to try harder 😉

  5. Lucky you weren’t with me .. he’d have definitely have talked to you then .. I attract them!

  6. Well I’ll count my lucky rabbits. Or cotton blessings. Or whatever it is I’m supposed to count when one is lucky.

    Why do you attract them? Why would you want to attract them?

  7. Public transportation for the school kids? yikes. I enjoyed the 15 min drive to high school every morning in my 67′ chevy, all by my self.

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