For those pesky cyclist’s

Wednesday 05 September at 0830 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 16 Comments

For all London cyclist’s out there. I want to introduce you to something.

The Zebra Crossing

From BBC’s h2g2;

Pedestrians have right of way over traffic once they are on the crossing. If the traffic does not stop, then you can carefully put one foot on the crossing. This means that the right of way is legally yours, and the traffic must stop so that you can cross.

Some cyclists feel they are above the law of the road. Jumping red lights, ignoring road signals and ignoring the zebra crossing. But I’d like to inform cyclists that;

Cyclists should remember that they are also bound by these rules.

Today on my way to work I was nearly knocked down at least three times by cyclists while crossing over different zebra crossing’s. But it wasn’t just me. A mother with her three school kids were nearly knocked down by a few zooming cyclist’s while all the cars at the crossing had stopped.

Damn you cyclists. Please, please, cyclists, just try not to run me down of a morning. I am getting a little annoyed at being almost run down.

Also before I go I would like to welcome back the fantastic Amy Winehouse. Not only did she appear at the Mercury Music Prize ceremony but she also performed. And performed fantastic.
Fingers crossed she stays on her best behaviour as I am really looking forward to seeing her in Brighton in a few weeks.

Although I am sorry that she missed out on winning the Mercury Music Prize. It was stolen from her. The Klaxons never deserved it.
I hope Mercury gets back to giving the award to more deserved artists again next year..



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  1. Wino is back but can she stay off the heroine? We shall see…. what date is that? I need the day off after don’t i? Is everything in the calendar, i’m losing track….

    ps. i HATE cyclists

  2. Here here!

  3. As they go by .. try and push them off their damned bikes .. I had an incident this morning with a motorcyclist who seems to think driving between two lanes of closely queued traffic is sensible ..

    With regard to Amy .. she shouldn’t be allowed to win anything until she can prove rehab has worked .. it isn’t a very good example to the youth of today for someone to be given a prize for behaving badly – however good their music/talent! *polishes halo*

  4. Rolled up newspaper always works in London.. when a car does not stop smack the roof and the driver always thinks he has hit you.. which is a bit mean but then again… With cyclists clip them around the back of the head and run like hell..

  5. I love the pleading tone of this post!

  6. Pinkosa, Thats one way of being positive.
    The date should be in the calendar yah. Along with the Battle gig, although you don’t need a day off for that.

    Commuter, good to have you on board.

    Cat, I wish I had the chance to. But they zoom past pretty fast.
    Do you agree with Mercury Music on their winner?

    Paul, Hitting cars with the free Metro. Great idea!

    Soupster, I’m kind of attached to my life. I like having it. It would be better if a cyclist didnt try to take it away from me. I’d appreciate it muchos.

  7. I can’t have that day off i don’t think šŸ˜¦ i might be able to come in late but that’s about it…

    although i just watched the clip of Wino from last night and i think i fell in love with her a little bit. she looks like a tiny baby deer that doesn’t know how it’s legs and things work…

    but that doesn’t mean i get why you fancy her šŸ˜‰

  8. Where did you see that? I can only find a short piece on BBC. I’ve been looking all day for clips of the Mercury Prize.

    Damn that CSI for making me miss the show.!

  9. it’s on the Heat magazine website! šŸ™‚ trashy yet informative!

  10. My husband drives a semi-truck…one day a cyclist rode right in to the back of his semi when he stopped to make a wide turn.

  11. I hate those damn bike riders!…I want to run them over with my car…

    And Amy Winehouse or whatever is garbage…Heh..


  12. Oh I was wondering about this the other day actually, having spent the day avoiding cyclists on zebra crossings…I thought ‘do they actually have to stop?’

    But the answer is yes, they just choose not to.


  13. i hate cyclists, and bmx bikes too for that matter. but i LOVE Amy Winehouse! i did a review of her cd on my blog. she kicks ass, stoned or not.

  14. Hey…. I’m a cyclist and feel a bit hated on this post…. pretty much always stop at pedestrian crossings unless I’m half way up a large hill (and in which case going so damn slowly I wouldn’t knock anyone over) and I say sorry as I pass and I’ve never had anyone be cross – normally they encourage me on my puffing progress…

    I agree there are lots of nutters out there though!

  15. Utah, how did a cyclist not see a massive truck?

    King Steve, good to have you half on baord. Although you may have to watch for any peasent uprisings from now on šŸ˜‰

    Jo, it happened again to me yesterday.

    Joebec, she certainly does kick ass. I just hope she can kick ass when I go see her in a few weeks.

    LG I knew that some might be offended by this post. And this isnt a hate campaign aimed at you. Promise.
    Youre right, not all cyclists are maniacs. There are a few that stop. And if we were to (zebra)cross paths and you stopped I would be thankful and flash a smile.
    But I have to say that the percentage that do stop is very very low.
    All the zebra crossings I cross are on flat areas. No hills at all. I think that alot of cyclists have built up speed and feel they shouldnt need to stop if they are just going to zoom by. But the last few occasions this has happened the cyclists have just been plain rude and ignorant of pedestrains. (Think about your feelings towards bus drivers ;))
    Perhaps at the next big cyclist meeting you can bring it up and pass on my message. šŸ˜€

  16. I guess he was riding with his head “tucked in” for more speed? It was in the middle of one of the Iron man Triathlon events…

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