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There has been alot of news about Spears rather lack-lustre comeback performance on the MTV awards the other night.

A few things that I have had problems with is been reports that spears was out of shape and looking fat.

Now from the clips that I have seen, I can’t defend her performance. It did look like it lacked energy. But Spears did not in anyway look fat. Now – I’m putting my neck on the line saying this as the other half will be reading – but spears body looked really good.

Anyone who thought that Spears looked fat seriously needs their heads checked. And it’s horrible that this kind of ‘journalism’ is put on the front covers of magazines, web and TV that really winds me up, saying how women should look.

I mean if Spears is getting ‘fat’ remarks for how she looks then this is going to affect alot of society. Its all too ridiculous really.

Also, regarding Spears. Sarah Silverman – I havent a clue who she is either – taking a swipe at Spears kids was uncalled for. I don’t see why some ‘comedians’ have to make fun of people just to be popular. But to make fun of children is just low. I do hope the Karma Police come out and get her.
From Paris Hilton’s face in the video I’m guessing that Sarah Silverman’s comedic abilities are to take swipes at easy targets. And to do it badly too. I hope she goes away quick.
(Also her performance on the MTV Video Music awards was worse then Spears. I could only hear sympathetic laughs for most of the show. I’m so glad that I don’t watch wathc MTV/VH1 all the time, otherwise it would just be abother media outlet that I would get frickin motherhubard annoyed at all the time.)

I do have some positive points about out media though boys and girls. It was good to read that some steps are being made to ban size zero models from the London Fasion Show. Its about frickin time is all I can say.

Normal non-hating-of-the-media service will return soon.



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  1. I feel really sorry for Britney. Would someone supporting here instead of rubbishing her be to much to ask for?

    Sarah Silverman can be very funny, but she sometimes steps over the line and ruins it.

  2. I dont have any feelings towards Britters really. She hasn’t helped herself. It would be nice if that someone did step up to the plate and help her out. But I think she needs to want help, or something like that.
    Re: Silverman. I wish I had heard more of her stuff. Really I do. Only becuase then I could justiy name calling her for her stupid remarks and getting in to a really jucy rant. Unfortunatly (or luckily) I havent heard her stuff so I should really keep any other remarks to myself.
    But there are otherways of making fun at society and fame, then standing up in front of the World and picking on someone who needs help and their infants.

  3. I watched Britney Spears’ performance on You Tube and the only thing that struck me was her weird spaced out quality. And that she looked just a little bit too hesitant/awkward in places. Britney’s always lip-synched so dont really understand the whole uproar over the so-called `quality’ of the lip-synching in her MTV performance .. I mean, `good’ or `bad’ lip-synching is a bit of a cop out for any singer anyway..? And the `fat’ comments were bound to happen but, even when a nipper, Britney was never of the `stick thin’ brigade.

  4. But it is uncalled for, to call someone who has a healthy and good figure “over weight” is just going to damage society.
    I know that it happens all the time, models in magazines posing and giving out the wrong impression. But thats one thing.
    To actually step up and call someone fat, who looks far from it, is not just harming the intended victim – Spears in this case – but also harming the hundreds of thousands of her fans, people who read celeb magazines or read celeb sites who will now think they need to be thinner then Spears.
    I just wish that comments in articles like this didnt happen.
    re: Spears performance. I guess thats what happens when you go on a 3-day bender.

  5. O, definitely uncalled for. But this sort of thing has been going on for ages. I personally thought there were a stack of other things to be concerned about with her so-called `comeback appearance’ (looking awkward/embarrassed/`not really there’/being helped from one stage platform to another like some old woman!) than her current dress size.

  6. I don’t think she’s particularly overweight, and I’m definitely against the fat calling that’s so rife in the media at the moment. In fact, over dinner last night my mum was once again whinging about her weight (she’s not fat, just normal mother size) and I snapped that reading the magazines currently stacked in the downstairs loo, I’m not surprised. Lets see, Top Sante this month has the following on the cover “Debra Stephenson 5 Rules that got me thin”, “Shift that stubborn fat!”, “Diet special!” , “Lose 7lb – super fast”, “Cook yourself thing recipes” and “Is your house making you fat?”. It really irritates me and as a woman myself, it annoys me that we’re subjected to this obsessing over weight in the media when in fact most blokes I see on the street could do with losing the pounds as well. However, what the media needs to promote is girls like Britney looking confident, not scuttling about the stage as if they’d rather be somewhere else with more clothes on.

  7. although i admire for you making a point about how women are portrayed and the negative affect it has on self image….neck firmly on line.

    if Spears looks good to you… i’m clearly an elephant. hurrah

  8. Brit is so not fat, I was amazed that folk are calling ‘that’ out of shape. I really love Sarah Silverman’s humour, but she does seem to go for extremely cheap shots at the award shows, it doesnt appear to be winning her audience over. Rumour has it that she wasn’t allowed to continue the rest of the show, after her abuse of BritBrit.

  9. “To actually step up and call someone fat, who looks far from it, is not just harming the intended victim – Spears in this case – but also harming the hundreds of thousands of her fans, people who read celeb magazines or read celeb sites who will now think they need to be thinner then Spears”

    Boy – I have LOVED this post and your comments. You are spot on. I know that adult women ought to know better than compare themselves to (airbrushed) models and celebs but many of us do. If Britney is overweight, then I am enormous. She looks a lot better than I do in underwear that is for sure.

    Re: comedian comments: I was unimpressed by them. That isn’t comedy. It’s cheap.

  10. She disn’t look too bad to me, especially after she’s had two kids. Just as Wifey, kids play havoc with your figure.

  11. Jo dont get me started on all those magazines. The missus buys her share of them and I always get annoyed at times about how blatant they are with how people should look.

    Pinkosa thats untrue. I think you look great. And you know I do.

    Lita, I certainly hope that Silverman was stopped from the rest of the show. That would of been the best move MTV made in a while.

    Soupster, good to have you on board. See we can agree on some things. (I still reckon its acceptable for women to run through the streets naked)

    AFC30K Touche

  12. I don’t think its about her looking fat.. she is a mother of two and looks good for that much but how many mothers of two prance around drunkenly or otherwise on a stage in a Victoria Beckham sized bikini?

    Her behaviour was nothing short of bizarre and there were a thousand other costumes she could have worn to compliment her body but if you going to wear a bikini on a stage in front of the world then you better be damn sure you get it right.

    The question is not “does she look fat”, the question is could she have done the performance better.

    Hell yes.

  13. Fortunately, I only caught pieces of the show, as I was jumping back and forth between, well, anything else, and MTV. From what I saw of Silverman, I thought she was pretty funny. Ballsy, too, if you consider some of her targets were actually in the room.

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