Where to now?

Wednesday 12 September at 1402 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal | 6 Comments

I think I am going to have to get a map of my hair.
Or at least some sort of blueprint.

I remember as a kid my hair was always straight. It never deviated from that route. Ok sometimes it was up. (This was during my period of watching too many Van Damme movies.)

I’ve just been to the hairdressers next door. When the hairlady got to cutting my hair she asked “what side do you part your hair?”
So I tell her to the left.

Then she gets about cutting it. Starts blow drying. Roughing it all up.

She shows me the front. Then moves to the back and says “what I’ve done I’ve cut it to the right so it sweeps to the right.”

So I’ve got the front to the left. The back the right. The middle somewhere inbetween. I should be taking notes.

PS Everyone should go out and buy Kanye Wests album. Just to put Fiddy in his place and force him to quit music.
According to early sales, Kanye is winning on both sides of the pond.



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  1. I can be Fiddy’s replacement

    Uh, uh, uh uh, yeah, get money, uh uh uh, it’s fiddy


  2. well I kinda feel that Fiddy was ripped off, since the MTV awards really should have been named the Kanye West show. He had more airtime than anyone. They should just collaborate and make a Barry Manilow cover album. I would TOTALLY buy that.

  3. At least you have hair – not that I’m saying I don’t of course!

  4. I saw you over a >>fuise<<. Thought you’d sneak in and run off did you? O_O

    Did she give you instructions for your hair? A user’s manual?

    And you like Kanye? *sigh* I see our musical spheres shall not intersect. We will be the Venn Diagram with no middle. :-p

  5. Jo, if youve proof youve been shot at the job is all yours. Fo’ real!
    Joebec I havent a clue at all about the MTV show. Apart from my rant regarding the shameful Silverman.
    Cat are you trying to say you dont have hair?
    Fiona Indeed I was. Grab and smash as they say. Hold on that Venn Diagram. I’m no fan off Kanye. Although I did like that Gold Digger off his first album. Thats about it.
    What is your musical half bringing to this Venn Diagram?

  6. I have hair … currently it’s doing it’s electrical, frizzy shit because I couldn’t be bothered to dry it properly!

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