Balls to that

Thursday 20 September at 1953 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Work | 15 Comments

I screwed up. I fucked up royally at work.

One stupid stupid mistake. Common sense took a five minute break.

And now I am on the job hunt.




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  1. OMG, what happened? I hope you are alright x

  2. good luck, sorry it happened like that, unexpected…

  3. Mental…I’m curious – what went down? Welcome to the land of the unemployed.

  4. That sucks 😦 What happened?

  5. silly sausage – it was boring and you can do much better anyway xxx

  6. OMFG!

  7. I think Homer Simpson was correct when he said, “d’oh!”

  8. Um…I think everyone has already said what I was thinking.
    But good luck on the hunt…

  9. I have to agree with you there. Arse!

  10. Ooops…

  11. I think you could get a job calling American girls and chatting them up on the phone!

  12. Total balls to that. But I have total and complete faith in you.

  13. Whoa, one mistake and you’re out on your arse? Sounds harsh. Good luck with job hunt.

  14. That must have been one big mistake. Poor you!!

  15. What did you do?

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