What harm is a little white lie?

Wednesday 26 September at 1411 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Work | 10 Comments

Well it’s been almost a week. Things could be going better.

You’d think with nothing much to do I would be able to spend more time on here and keeping up to date on people’s blogs.  But most of my online time has been spent job hunting. And after a while it gets a bit exhaustive so I have to recover by doing anything at all that isn’t sitting on the internet.

So like I was saying, things could be better. After finishing work Thursday I spent the evening sending off my CV. I got a few calls back on Friday and rushed in to The City to see a few agencies.

Funny story, while at one agency and going though an assessment with two other people I was asked which of the many £6.50ph jobs I would prefer. The only difference between the many jobs being offered at this large call centre was the working hours. They ranged from 7am till 3. 3pm till 11. 11am till 7. and some random half day ones. So after being honest and telling the recruitment consultant that none of them where suitable he then goes to offer some hidden option c. A 9 to 5, £19,500 job.

The weekend was spent entertaining my mother and sister. A good night was had by all. I spent a little time Sunday researching for the Hidden Option C job.

Monday I sent off my CV to a whole bunch more places. I went for interview one at Hidden Option C. Things could of gone better. I got soaked. Forgot my bus pass. Had to run home to pick up pass (and put on some dry pants) and rushed back out so not to waist too much time. Their where queues on the road while heading to the train station. The trains where running slow. Victoria underground was a little overcrowded as one of the entrances had to be closed due to flooding. I managed to get to the interview with a few monites to spare.
The interviewer on the other hand kept me waiting for an hour and half. That certainly wasn’t a fun time sitting around a recpetion.

Have you ever sat in a reception area waiting for a long time for an interview and thought, “should I just go?” I felt like that after waiting 20 minutes. But once that passed I thought about many things, like should I just go to sleep? Will I dry by time the interviewer arrives? Is this receptionist as as snotty when out of work then she is in work?

During the interview I figured I would be honest. I explained that I had been dismissed from my previous job. I figured it was easy to do that then trying to think up a lie to explain why I was no longer in work. They said they would get back to me.

Tuesday was pretty quiet. Sent my CV off even more. I had no phone calls. It was very quiet.

Today hasn’t been any different. More CVs sent off. No calls as yet. I can’t find any more jobs to apply for that I already haven’t applied for on the sites that I use.

My mornings seem to have gotten in to a routine. Spend an hour or so applying for jobs on websites. Then sit back and hear nothing back.

I did call the agency about Secret Option C job as it had been a while. They told me that they had a problem with me being dismissed from my previous job so wouldn’t be taking my application further.

So should I lie in interviews about my last job? The HR department of my last job have said they will not say why I left, only that I worked those dates.
So what’s a little white lie to get me through interviews?



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  1. I suppose it depends on why you were dismissed and if you can put any ‘spin’ on the reason.

    “Well yes I admit that being caught buggering the Chairmans cat on the board room table was a bit off, *but* the Chairman was a bastard & his cat *had* crapped on my keyboard” 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m afraid you’ll have to lie.

    Think about it: If you had a choice between two candidates and the only difference was that one had been dismissed from their previous job, which would you choose?

  3. If they don’t ask the question “were you fired?” I wouldn’t say anything!

    If they say, “why did you leave your last job?” .. make it up .. do not say “I was politely asked to leave” !!!

    Good luck .. I’m expecting the firing squad any minute now!

  4. The best response is probably that you just got bored and didn’t find it challenging enough…they love that crap.

    And welcome to my job-search pond, I am also spending my days sending CVs, covering letters and filling in applications…and I don’t even want paid work.

    Dying to find out why you got sacked though. Gissa clue.

  5. They left you waiting for an hour and a half! That is disgraceful! You don’t want to work for people like that.

  6. Sorry to hear the job hunting is not successful. I do wish you the best of luck.
    As for the matter at hand, I say go with the flow. Don’t give them any more info than they ask for. But don’t lie if possible; getting yourself in a trap like that can cause more heartache down the road.

  7. if your previous company won’t say HOW you left, just verifies the dates, then yes, my friend. Lie your arse off! say things like

    “The job itself wasn’t what I expected”
    “I didn’t like the hours/My hours varied and I didn’t like that/They made me work weekends”
    “There was obviously no room for advancement”
    “I was looking for something a little different/better/closer to home”

    and my personal fave

    “I got a lead on Old Nessy and had to Jet to Scotland for a spell”

    you’re welcome! 😉

  8. oh I like joebec’s answer way better than mine. She really has it with the old nessy thing.

  9. Humn. I agree with Chaotic – it rather depends why you were dismissed.

    If you were dismissed for not meeting ridiculous sales challenges, say, that’s different (and tempting to lie about) than if you were sacked for thumping someone.

    I find that lies tend to come back at you. If you’re a good candidate, I’d hope a good new company would give you a chance. You’re only on probation to begin with anyway, right? Or maybe try office temping for a bit? or bar work? anything that pays and says you’re reliable and you don’t have to then talk about this job.

  10. So lying it is then?
    Do you all lie on CVs/interviews yourselves?

    LG, there is a vacancy at the co op around the corner for evening/weekend work. Nut I’m not too sure about the uniform 😉

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