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Thursday 27 September at 0843 | Posted in Life, Personal, Work | 6 Comments

OK, it seems that a few of you are more then interested in the reason for my new found unemployability.

It goes something like this, and cha0tic, no animals were harmed in the sacking of me.

There is a new game coming out for the Xbox360 called Halo3. People had been talking about their new commecrial. So I had a look at one of the websites that my (at that time) work used to view commercials. The new Halo3 advert was on there. I was pretty impressed about how good the advert was, it wasn’t you normal advert showing loads of big guns and fast cars.

So I felt like showing a few people the advert, so I posted it on youtube a day before it was due to start broadcasting. But being on youtube a few too many people found it and the agency seen it and had words.

Ultimately it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t realise that Microsoft had some big deal going on with this advert (I’ve only owned Nintendo consoles so don’t know too much about other consoles big deals).
It was all my fault of course, I shouldnt of posted the advert online having used works websites. But Microsoft didnt help by putting loads of pressure on work and asing for compensation air time.

So that was it.

And for those that want to see the advert in question



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  1. oops.

  2. D’oh

  3. You are aware that Halo 3 is being hyped as the game for the XBOX360 🙂 . Micro$loth have spent $10million (current exchange rates thats about £4.25) advertising this so it’s hardly surprising that they’re just a tiny bit miffed. Still – people got to see a cool advert early and you upset Bill, so kudos 😀

  4. Dom, I know of Halo3. I know its a big deal. I know that Microsoft have put alot of money behind marketing. Shops opened late for it. Its a big deal.
    I didnt realise though (at the time) that putting a 30 second clip online to show a few friends a day early would get me the sack.

  5. Bah, such is the lucrative nature of advertising.

    Curiousity satisfied though, merci buckets!

  6. I aim to please

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