The Game

Monday 29 October at 2019 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Wii | 7 Comments

“Or How to make the most of the quick one excuse.”

Well most of my weekend and my near future will be spent kickin’ some serious Metroid Wii ass so my time here my be cut down alot.

So here is a quick one.

I’ve always used a note pad to make notes of things to blog about. Sometimes I might get a thought while watching the TV so I’d run and make a note of it. These days I use my phone or google note pad.
I make a quick one or two sentence line about the idea, and then just pad it out like a snowball until it turns in to a blog entry.

Here is my Google Note Pad list. Some have been hidden as they are coming up. You may recognise some too, click the pic to enlarge
What to write
They include the likes of

  • Christmas starting in Summer Time
  • Monkey spinning in zoo/Adrain asking what Bromley South train station looks like
  • Finding out I had long hair after being charged extra by the hairdressers

There are more hidden gems in there. Check the whole list out for a little insight in to my mind đŸ™‚


The Decoration

Wednesday 24 October at 2027 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 6 Comments

Or “How to learn to do things when the time is right.”

For the last few weeks I have been very worried about my time keeping. My worry stems from my judgement that the clocks should of gone back an hour a few weeks ago. I keep thinking that I will turn up for work or an appointment with a friend an hour early and stand around like a fool.

What I have found most difficult though is waking up this last few mornings with the house and bedroom being so dark. I find it much easier to wake up while its light. But these dark mornings make me wish that it wasnt 7 am but still 2 am and that I had a few hours sleep left.

After checking wikipedia it turns out the British Summer Time officially ends this Sunday. Thankfully I have not been one hour ahead of everyone;

Brisith Summer Time runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October each year.”

So next week I should be ok with waking up. At least for a few weeks, until the dark mornings catch up again.

But my rant doesn’t end there.

Last week on my way home from the foosball tournement (more on that soon) I noticed that the council had started to employ people to hang the annual Christmas decorations.

If you look between the glare you may be able to make out Christmas being prepared.

My point being, how can people prepare for Christmas when the calendar shows it is still British Summer Time? Let us finish off the summer before we go ahead with putting up Christmas Trees please.

Emtpying the cupboards

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Or “How I like to get a hole bunch of things of my chest.”

Work is going OK. Last week we spent most of the time training on home to be insurance claims advisors. The plan was for everyone to go in to training. a few people would be given more responsibilty and have more training as personal advisors and the majority of people, including myself, would be given just basic call centre-esque jobs.
The last day of training didn’t go too well. After training for two hours we took a break and one of the girls had nticed she had voicemail. It turns out it was a message off her agency from the day before letting her know that she was not needed at the office anymore. Which shocked everyone.
Then we done some tests to see how much people had learnt. The call handlers went first and I was pretty pleased that I got to go second and get the test out of the way. Then all the personal advisors went in. After everyone had finished their tests we all met up to se who would be working in which group. One of the trainees was asked by the manager to see their agency. At first we thought that another person had been sacked. But then he came back with his timesheet. And then a little later he did dissappear and we found out he had been asked to leav as he hadnt picked up the training well. Which shocked people even more.
Finally we were told who would be claims advisors and who would be call handlers. To my surprise I was asked to be taken from call handling to a claims advisor. Well I wasn’t too surprised as the people who were originally listed to be claims advisors had been sacked or didnt seem to grasp things too well.
So it means a bit more responsibilty. A slight and gradual pay rise. So there is now a bit more reason for me to stay at this job and not job hunt further, while we wait to move to Spain.

Then on my way home on Friday, while on the bus I spotted many large groups of young children in fancy dress Trick or Treating. Has someone moved Halloween forward?
When I was a kid we always Trick or Treated on the 31stof October. I remember a few years later that some children done Trick or Treating a few days before Halloween. But to go Trick or Treating ovewr two weeks before Halloween is just a bit stupid.

And I’m still loving Radiohead’s In Rainbows, other then some podcasts – including the fantastic and always very funny BBC 6 Music Russell Howard show – the album is the only thing I am listening to at the moment. If you still haven’t downloaded the album you can still do so and choose your own price.

And it’s all good news for my Wii and DS. After abandoning them for some time I’m pretty excited about a few games coming out for Nintendo, especially Zelda DS and Metroid Prime 3. So things could get a little quite round here for a bit.

And final news, me the missus were over in Camden at the weekend. Celebrating Button Down Discos 5th birthday bash over at Koko. Not only that but we got guest list free entry (which is so much more better then regualr guest list). And with our special arm bands we got in to VIP areas, like past security and to the DJ booth so I could say a Happy Birthday to the the DJ and access to VIP toilets. The missus told me they weren’t real VIP toilets, they were regualr single cubicles that were away from all the crowds. It could be a very very long time the next time I get chance to be VIP’d at Koko – or any other club – so I was pretty impressed and thankful of the hosts kindness.
But the one of the biggest shocks/surprises of the night was seeing Koko for the first time. That place is huge. And I’d hate to lose friends in their as they would stay well and truely lost.
But I should have more about this soon, and perhaps with some fancy photos.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend

In (more) Rainbows

Wednesday 10 October at 1836 | Posted in Lifestyle, Music, Personal, Radiohead | 1 Comment


1. Make it great.

It’s time to ‘fess up here. Prince doesn’t work for me because I just don’t feel the funk and, in my humble emo opinion, Radiohead are just about the best band on this little planet. Although caricatured as depressive shoe-gazers on downers, they are in fact musical, melodic and experimental with an immaculate grip on ear-bleed rock, twitchy dance and delicate ballad all at once. If something’s truly great – a shoe, a phone, a band – then marketing it, or unmarketing it, becomes a whole lot easier. Source @ Guardian.

So, this morning at about 7am (BST) I logged on to my PC and was happy to see that Radiohead’s In Rainbows was available to download. And download it I did.
This was the second/third Radiohead album I have downloaded – the previous one being the twin albums of Kid A and Amnesiac which were leaked early.
But this time round the download was much much faster then my old dial up connection – I think this album took as long to download in its entirety then one song from years back.

I havent had chance to listen to it much, due to being at work, but as I type I am at about 1.5 times through listening. But I already love it.

I’ve been a huge fan of Radioheads later stuff, Kid A is my favourite all time album, but In Rainbows is up there with Kid A for me.

For those that haven’t bought the new album yet – how could you not pre-order it with such a great pricing idea, or for those that have listened to it, here are my thoughts;
(PS its hard to rate an album when some of the songs have been hanging around and beng played for almost a decade. Fo’ real)

15 Step – I have to admit, when I first started playing this I thought there was a problem with the file. After a while and checking other tracks I realised  his was the sound created. The drums werent as base-y as the live versions. But I’ve loved this song since I first heard it. Always trying to find different live versions played and the studio version is as sweet as the rest. And the “Hey/Yeah” kids are sweet.

Bodysnatchers – While listening to this I thought that maybe this would be the one the missus skips – she isn’t a Radiohead fan. But once it calms down and thrashing guitars and shouting stop it sounds like a great song that she may like.

Nude – It’s an oldie. A real oldie. It was billed as being on every album since OK Computer – thats almost three quaters of their albums this song was supposed to be on. Its finally a released, a sigh of relief all round, it’s out. But the only difference I feel between this version and almost all others is the addition of the drum beat.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – I didn’t really hear the lyrics on the versions I’ve heard, but love the ‘Weird Fishes’ lyric. I like the new arangements and that they’ve upped the tempo and the added drum beats at the beginning.

All I Need – One I havent heard before. But sounds like it has a bit of everything. A bit of funk bass line, some hiphop drums and a very drifting feel to it. And a great crescendo at the end.

Faust Arp – Great song. Never heard it before. But can’t stop thinking it sounds like a Mighty Boosh song. A bit of a Simon and Garfunkel-esque song.
Reckoner – This sounds beautiful. Fricken aces. The lyrics sound floaty, and the mix of gentle guitar and high pitched drums, makes it almsot dreamy.

House Of Cards – Sounds almost exactly the same as the many many downloads/vidoes floating on the net.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Nice name. I like the choice of mixing the accoustic guitar with the heavy bass throughout. Some how though Thoms voice sounds like it is recorded seperate of all else. There were times when I thought this song was going to explode in to madness, ala the live versions, but it seems all controlled in the end.

Videotape – I never really got Videotape the first time round. But hearing it live at V a few years back changed all that and loved it since. I loved the lyrics and how the drums came in half way through. I’ve looked forward to hearing how they would recreate this in the studio. The choice of drum machine/tempo/little rummbling noise thing is something else. After a while I was getting a little revved up for the big ol’ “CH-CH-CH CH-CH-CH,” it never appeared. But the song still remains dreamy.

Do you have the album? What are your thoughts?

Im on about my 4th or 5th listen now. I need to get off soon otherwise the missus will think I have abandoned her.
Well one more listen won’t hurt.

If you want a real review go read the Times.

The Newbie

Friday 05 October at 0713 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Rants | 12 Comments

Or “The surprises you get while underwear shopping.”

I’ll quickly right my entry about underwear or I’ll never get round to it. But I have to be quick as I am supposed to be researching on new job.

So the other day me and the missus were out shopping round the local high street. The missus says she has to go pick upa new bra. So we pop in to some department store and head to the underwear section. While she is looking around for a new bra my eyes start to wonder.
I then notice some pairs of knickers hanging up. The thing that caught my attention though was the big huge label on all the knickers saying


I looked at rather confusing and thought to myself, ‘thats not new, thats red. Its everywhere. What kind of fool do they think I am?’

I did want to take a photo just to show what I can only guess is the stupidest form of advertsing (“Hey guys, how about we put labels on some sets of underwear saying we have invented a new colour?”) but I didnt know how acceptable it was for a man, standing on his own taking photos of knickers was? 

Nice help

Thursday 04 October at 0717 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Sandwiches, Work | 6 Comments

Or “The feeling you have when you resolve important things fast.”

I know I was going to make a post about underwear, but I received an email yesterday that trumps the underwear post. I will get round to that though.

When I went for the interview for my new job I was asked to give references. I got a call from the agency later that day asking for a character reference. After speaking with my mum for a bit for someone who fits the description I handed over some details the agency could call to get a character reference for me. This happened to be my aunt.
My mum sent me a copy of the reference to me so I could see what had been written.

How / in what capacity is the individual known to you?
My stupid sister’s idiotic son.

How long has the individual been known to you?
Far too long.

Please outline areas of:

Robert is able to lift a pint glass from the bar, he also has the ability to be the first at the buffet table even when not yet opened.
Robert tends to abuse company trust, he will access the internet in work time, he will also post unclassified [sic] information onto youtube.
Please provide brief comments regarding character, including the individual’s honesty and integrity:
Robert has no honesty or intergrity, he tends to blame his faults on the person sitting next to him and then hopes they will get the sack and not him.
Are you aware of any reason why this individual might not be suitable for employment?
For all reasons under the sun you should steer cleer of this lying deceitful selfish person, who is not fit for any jobs even if it entails emptying your trash can.
Any additional information:
Robert will only work if the job entails to go on the internet, you tube and have a pint in in his hand, but please can relay this application as a good one to Robert as I want him to babysit for me next week.

As far as I know I still have a job, perhaps the agency have not looked at the reference.

In other great news. I have found three potential deli sandwich shops. The hard part of the new job is over. Finding a good sandwich shop is something that has taken me up to a few months in some jobs. Lucky for me I have found three potential sandwich shops all on one street on day one.
I’ll have more on these later.

One more thing, while looking around for sandwich shops I came across a pub that has a fantastic competion. Nope not kareoke. But table top football.
During 21st October to 26th there is a table top football (or foosball) tournement. I think I have a chance. A few years back, one office I was working in had a foosball table in the canteen and for about 2 years I played foosball nearly every break.
Any people fancying taking part or even wanting to be my cheerleaders, then youll need to go to the Tom Foolery Pub in Bromley on those dates. Look it up on yell if you don’t know where it is.
Wish me luck!

The new beginning

Tuesday 02 October at 1956 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Podcast, Rants, Sandwiches, Spain, Work | 6 Comments

Or “Don’t you hate it when you find what you want under your nose but then dont like it.”

So I had my first day at my new job. First impression’s aren’t good. This job looks like it offers no such hope of job satisfaction. (If there is any it’s pretty hard to find) But in respect that I have plans to be out of the country within months I suppose the job is ok to see me over.
Bonus points for the job are complete lack of any responsibilty, it is within 15 minutes bus journey of where I live and although the pay is lower the cost of travel is much much lower so it works out I will probably have more money after bills here.
Although I do have another job interview on Friday and despite being in the city and meaning I have to spend four times as much travel as my current job I may put a bit of hop in my step when I go for the interview. Fingers crossed the office atmosphere is better and the job looks a little mroe challenging.

Although there are some downsides to the new job. Finding a new sandwich shop. This could take a while as the town the job is in (Bromley) is the place where me and the missus go to do almost all are shopping and I havent seen a good sandwich shop since being here. Although I haven’t looked.
And secondly, all the podcasts I regualarly download and listen to on the way to work will now cause some problems. This is because the podcasts last anything from 20 to 40 minutes, which is of course more then the time it takes fo me to get to work.

Anyway thats me, and this next bit is just so I remember what to type in tomorrows (or my next) blog: underwear

In Rainbows

Monday 01 October at 0805 | Posted in Life, Music, Personal, Radiohead | 7 Comments

Or “It’s up to you. It really is up to you.”

In Rainbows

Finally the wait is over. Well I have 10 more days, but I have waited a few years for this so what’s an extra few days.
Radiohead have finally announced their new album will be out.

News conference

Go order it. (Here)

Much may be made of the new album as Radiohead currently have no record deal, so basically everything they do is on their own. They make it themselves, sell it themselves, you wont find this record anywhere else other then if you ask them really nicely.
If you follow music you may here ALOT about this new form of marketting. There are already some articles popping up about this and here too. Why have record labels and pay the middle man, when you can have the freedom to do everything you want and have it your way. Will a trend start?
This new marketting also includes the fantastic offer on the downloads. If you chose to download Radioheads new album, which is released October the 10th, then you can download it at any price you feel like giving. You can get it for free if you so wish. the price is up to you.

It really is up to you.

Even if you just like Radiohead and aren’t the biggest fan, you can still get the album for free, (but I know you will want to offer some sort of donation), so go pre-order now. DAMNIT

At the moment I am very happy.

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