The new beginning

Tuesday 02 October at 1956 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, London, Personal, Podcast, Rants, Sandwiches, Spain, Work | 6 Comments

Or “Don’t you hate it when you find what you want under your nose but then dont like it.”

So I had my first day at my new job. First impression’s aren’t good. This job looks like it offers no such hope of job satisfaction. (If there is any it’s pretty hard to find) But in respect that I have plans to be out of the country within months I suppose the job is ok to see me over.
Bonus points for the job are complete lack of any responsibilty, it is within 15 minutes bus journey of where I live and although the pay is lower the cost of travel is much much lower so it works out I will probably have more money after bills here.
Although I do have another job interview on Friday and despite being in the city and meaning I have to spend four times as much travel as my current job I may put a bit of hop in my step when I go for the interview. Fingers crossed the office atmosphere is better and the job looks a little mroe challenging.

Although there are some downsides to the new job. Finding a new sandwich shop. This could take a while as the town the job is in (Bromley) is the place where me and the missus go to do almost all are shopping and I havent seen a good sandwich shop since being here. Although I haven’t looked.
And secondly, all the podcasts I regualarly download and listen to on the way to work will now cause some problems. This is because the podcasts last anything from 20 to 40 minutes, which is of course more then the time it takes fo me to get to work.

Anyway thats me, and this next bit is just so I remember what to type in tomorrows (or my next) blog: underwear



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  1. No responsibility is cool for a short term thing…just keep clear of youtube this time, yeah? 😉

  2. There must be a Greggs in Bromley… if nothing else! They do ok egg and bacon sarnies.

  3. Greggs right near where you are… also that something about The Moon cafe. Also, over the road is a ‘Spoons and you can get a soggy sarnie for a few quid….

    underwear… yesssssss

  4. Looking forward to the next post…very intriguing.
    Congrats on the lay back job though!

  5. Jo thats a good point. Although no job satisfactoin may send me insane.

    Soupster, there is a Greggs, but I prefer a deli sandwich place rather then a Greggs/Benjys.

    Pinkosa Over the Moon wasnt all that good.

    Utah, that post may be on hold, more in a bit.

  6. congrats on the new job, even if it sucks for the moment, and many wishes on finding a new great sandwich shop!

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