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Friday 05 October at 0713 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Rants | 12 Comments

Or “The surprises you get while underwear shopping.”

I’ll quickly right my entry about underwear or I’ll never get round to it. But I have to be quick as I am supposed to be researching on new job.

So the other day me and the missus were out shopping round the local high street. The missus says she has to go pick upa new bra. So we pop in to some department store and head to the underwear section. While she is looking around for a new bra my eyes start to wonder.
I then notice some pairs of knickers hanging up. The thing that caught my attention though was the big huge label on all the knickers saying


I looked at rather confusing and thought to myself, ‘thats not new, thats red. Its everywhere. What kind of fool do they think I am?’

I did want to take a photo just to show what I can only guess is the stupidest form of advertsing (“Hey guys, how about we put labels on some sets of underwear saying we have invented a new colour?”) but I didnt know how acceptable it was for a man, standing on his own taking photos of knickers was? 



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  1. Very unacceptable and I sincerely hope you weren’t wearing a dirty raincoat otherwise you probably would have been arrested!

  2. You have got to go back and take photos! Just for the entertainment of your readers! Think of the story!

  3. i did offer to take a picture for you! i won’t model it though… xx

  4. .. no let Boy model it! hee hee hee

  5. Cat, and had a photo of myself put up on the “Wall of Shame” with all the other raincoat wearers. (PS there is no actual “Wall of Shame” but how good of an idea is that!)

    Soupster, Ill try out a few different approaches tonight in front of the mirror on how to disguise the camera, take photo and raise no suspicions.

    Pinkosa, you did. If its still there at the weekend you can try and get a photo.

    Cat, There are already too many photos flying around of me in womens clothes. I’m not sure how many more the World can take.

  6. It’s the NEW RED!
    tee-hee! I love it, anything for a sale.

  7. OK, boring practical solution: Go to the department store’s website, find said item of underwear, link picture. 🙂

  8. Maybe it’s not red but a colour which is so new that the human eye has not yet evolved to see it. That would be pretty special knicker dye and no mistake.

    Looking forward to having you over for tea.

  9. Dude you have to photograph it and then let us know how long you were detained by the police for and did you get a cavity search..

    Anyhow I just love how girls always fall for the new colour trick.

    They are like “yeah that is a new colour.. I gotta get me some of these”. You are like “Babe its red”….. “No its not..its new”.


  10. I just have to say in our defense Paul, if we are cute enough about it, you men will always be happy to see them on us!

  11. So you didn’t take the picture?? You might have been escorted out by security, but I would have liked to see this “new color.” Maybe it looked “red,” but it was really like a gala apple – red with specks of gold and some white. Is that a possibility?

  12. I’m sure it was red. Although the colour you have mentioned sounds nice.

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