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1. Make it great.

It’s time to ‘fess up here. Prince doesn’t work for me because I just don’t feel the funk and, in my humble emo opinion, Radiohead are just about the best band on this little planet. Although caricatured as depressive shoe-gazers on downers, they are in fact musical, melodic and experimental with an immaculate grip on ear-bleed rock, twitchy dance and delicate ballad all at once. If something’s truly great – a shoe, a phone, a band – then marketing it, or unmarketing it, becomes a whole lot easier. Source @ Guardian.

So, this morning at about 7am (BST) I logged on to my PC and was happy to see that Radiohead’s In Rainbows was available to download. And download it I did.
This was the second/third Radiohead album I have downloaded – the previous one being the twin albums of Kid A and Amnesiac which were leaked early.
But this time round the download was much much faster then my old dial up connection – I think this album took as long to download in its entirety then one song from years back.

I havent had chance to listen to it much, due to being at work, but as I type I am at about 1.5 times through listening. But I already love it.

I’ve been a huge fan of Radioheads later stuff, Kid A is my favourite all time album, but In Rainbows is up there with Kid A for me.

For those that haven’t bought the new album yet – how could you not pre-order it with such a great pricing idea, or for those that have listened to it, here are my thoughts;
(PS its hard to rate an album when some of the songs have been hanging around and beng played for almost a decade. Fo’ real)

15 Step – I have to admit, when I first started playing this I thought there was a problem with the file. After a while and checking other tracks I realised  his was the sound created. The drums werent as base-y as the live versions. But I’ve loved this song since I first heard it. Always trying to find different live versions played and the studio version is as sweet as the rest. And the “Hey/Yeah” kids are sweet.

Bodysnatchers – While listening to this I thought that maybe this would be the one the missus skips – she isn’t a Radiohead fan. But once it calms down and thrashing guitars and shouting stop it sounds like a great song that she may like.

Nude – It’s an oldie. A real oldie. It was billed as being on every album since OK Computer – thats almost three quaters of their albums this song was supposed to be on. Its finally a released, a sigh of relief all round, it’s out. But the only difference I feel between this version and almost all others is the addition of the drum beat.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – I didn’t really hear the lyrics on the versions I’ve heard, but love the ‘Weird Fishes’ lyric. I like the new arangements and that they’ve upped the tempo and the added drum beats at the beginning.

All I Need – One I havent heard before. But sounds like it has a bit of everything. A bit of funk bass line, some hiphop drums and a very drifting feel to it. And a great crescendo at the end.

Faust Arp – Great song. Never heard it before. But can’t stop thinking it sounds like a Mighty Boosh song. A bit of a Simon and Garfunkel-esque song.
Reckoner – This sounds beautiful. Fricken aces. The lyrics sound floaty, and the mix of gentle guitar and high pitched drums, makes it almsot dreamy.

House Of Cards – Sounds almost exactly the same as the many many downloads/vidoes floating on the net.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Nice name. I like the choice of mixing the accoustic guitar with the heavy bass throughout. Some how though Thoms voice sounds like it is recorded seperate of all else. There were times when I thought this song was going to explode in to madness, ala the live versions, but it seems all controlled in the end.

Videotape – I never really got Videotape the first time round. But hearing it live at V a few years back changed all that and loved it since. I loved the lyrics and how the drums came in half way through. I’ve looked forward to hearing how they would recreate this in the studio. The choice of drum machine/tempo/little rummbling noise thing is something else. After a while I was getting a little revved up for the big ol’ “CH-CH-CH CH-CH-CH,” it never appeared. But the song still remains dreamy.

Do you have the album? What are your thoughts?

Im on about my 4th or 5th listen now. I need to get off soon otherwise the missus will think I have abandoned her.
Well one more listen won’t hurt.

If you want a real review go read the Times.


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  1. so this is what you were doing!

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