Emtpying the cupboards

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Or “How I like to get a hole bunch of things of my chest.”

Work is going OK. Last week we spent most of the time training on home to be insurance claims advisors. The plan was for everyone to go in to training. a few people would be given more responsibilty and have more training as personal advisors and the majority of people, including myself, would be given just basic call centre-esque jobs.
The last day of training didn’t go too well. After training for two hours we took a break and one of the girls had nticed she had voicemail. It turns out it was a message off her agency from the day before letting her know that she was not needed at the office anymore. Which shocked everyone.
Then we done some tests to see how much people had learnt. The call handlers went first and I was pretty pleased that I got to go second and get the test out of the way. Then all the personal advisors went in. After everyone had finished their tests we all met up to se who would be working in which group. One of the trainees was asked by the manager to see their agency. At first we thought that another person had been sacked. But then he came back with his timesheet. And then a little later he did dissappear and we found out he had been asked to leav as he hadnt picked up the training well. Which shocked people even more.
Finally we were told who would be claims advisors and who would be call handlers. To my surprise I was asked to be taken from call handling to a claims advisor. Well I wasn’t too surprised as the people who were originally listed to be claims advisors had been sacked or didnt seem to grasp things too well.
So it means a bit more responsibilty. A slight and gradual pay rise. So there is now a bit more reason for me to stay at this job and not job hunt further, while we wait to move to Spain.

Then on my way home on Friday, while on the bus I spotted many large groups of young children in fancy dress Trick or Treating. Has someone moved Halloween forward?
When I was a kid we always Trick or Treated on the 31stof October. I remember a few years later that some children done Trick or Treating a few days before Halloween. But to go Trick or Treating ovewr two weeks before Halloween is just a bit stupid.

And I’m still loving Radiohead’s In Rainbows, other then some podcasts – including the fantastic and always very funny BBC 6 Music Russell Howard show – the album is the only thing I am listening to at the moment. If you still haven’t downloaded the album you can still do so and choose your own price.

And it’s all good news for my Wii and DS. After abandoning them for some time I’m pretty excited about a few games coming out for Nintendo, especially Zelda DS and Metroid Prime 3. So things could get a little quite round here for a bit.

And final news, me the missus were over in Camden at the weekend. Celebrating Button Down Discos 5th birthday bash over at Koko. Not only that but we got guest list free entry (which is so much more better then regualr guest list). And with our special arm bands we got in to VIP areas, like past security and to the DJ booth so I could say a Happy Birthday to the the DJ and access to VIP toilets. The missus told me they weren’t real VIP toilets, they were regualr single cubicles that were away from all the crowds. It could be a very very long time the next time I get chance to be VIP’d at Koko – or any other club – so I was pretty impressed and thankful of the hosts kindness.
But the one of the biggest shocks/surprises of the night was seeing Koko for the first time. That place is huge. And I’d hate to lose friends in their as they would stay well and truely lost.
But I should have more about this soon, and perhaps with some fancy photos.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend



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  1. Claim’s Advisor is a pretty cool job. Last year I did work experience as a claim’s advisor in aviation insurance but i’m sure it’s more fun when you’re getting paid!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Koko but can never seem to get tickets

  2. Hi Ella, Its more interesting then what I was supposed to be doing at that job. So Im a bit pleased.
    You should try and get hold of some. Its a bit far away from us (South London) to go regularly but Soul Wax and 2ManyDJs are playing 1st Nov, which I reckon will be a great night.
    But Koko itself is a great venue. You should go.

  3. Is Koko the old Camden palais? Never been there myself but my sister used to go raving there all the time.

    I’ve just signed up to the russell brand and jonathan ross podcasts from the bbc website , give me something to listen to now i’ve got a daily commute ahead of me!

  4. Hey there! Long time no talk. I started thinking about you the other day and wondered what you were up to. How are you and your lady doing? Hope all is going well, hope you remember me, lol. Talk to you soon!

  5. Jo, Thats the one. Its like an old Victorian theatre inside. Its fantastic. So many places to get lost. I tried the Russell Brand podcast, it was alright. Jonathan Ross was better. But seriously, try out Russel Howard and Jon Richardson – I think Jon Richardson may be my new favourite comedian.
    Let me know what you think.
    Also, not too sure what typesof music you like, but Huw Stephens Introducing is a good music podcast. He plays lots of new bands that range through folk, indie, rap, hip hop and techno. There is lots in there.
    (You could also download the new Radiohead album for a few pence 😉 )

    Shelby, of course I remember you. Who could forget. Things are good with me. Just in the middle of changes jobs, about to start to plan a move to Spain. Hope youre doing well?

  6. can we go trick or treating?

  7. sounds like you had a great weekend!! way to go!

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