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Wednesday 24 October at 2027 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 6 Comments

Or “How to learn to do things when the time is right.”

For the last few weeks I have been very worried about my time keeping. My worry stems from my judgement that the clocks should of gone back an hour a few weeks ago. I keep thinking that I will turn up for work or an appointment with a friend an hour early and stand around like a fool.

What I have found most difficult though is waking up this last few mornings with the house and bedroom being so dark. I find it much easier to wake up while its light. But these dark mornings make me wish that it wasnt 7 am but still 2 am and that I had a few hours sleep left.

After checking wikipedia it turns out the British Summer Time officially ends this Sunday. Thankfully I have not been one hour ahead of everyone;

Brisith Summer Time runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October each year.”

So next week I should be ok with waking up. At least for a few weeks, until the dark mornings catch up again.

But my rant doesn’t end there.

Last week on my way home from the foosball tournement (more on that soon) I noticed that the council had started to employ people to hang the annual Christmas decorations.

If you look between the glare you may be able to make out Christmas being prepared.

My point being, how can people prepare for Christmas when the calendar shows it is still British Summer Time? Let us finish off the summer before we go ahead with putting up Christmas Trees please.



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  1. It’s a fair point. Well made.

  2. OK. I give you until after next Wednesday. After Halloween it is officially Christmas.
    I don’t care if British Summer Time has only just ended or if we’ve not had fireworks night yet…. i’m wearing a winter coat, scarf, hat and my hands are freezing on the way to work. So it’s Christmas.

  3. Ohhh I’m also oh-so-aware of the mornings getting darker every day…I HATE it. This time last year I was all cosy in student land and completely missed this typical winter sign…the dark mornings are usually gone by 12pm :-/ However this year I’m being reintroduced to it. And I don’t like it.

  4. I hate how there’s always some sort of holiday or festival being advertised. You go from halloween to guy fawkes to christmas to valentine’s day – the shop windows and streets don’t really give us a break. This is why I hate Christmas.

  5. LG Thanks

    Pinkosa I’m ok with that.

    Jo Well the clocks going back seems to of worked. But for how long?

    Ella I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I agree there is a time and place.

  6. but I luuuuuuuuurve Christmas!

    I got really confused about the clocks changing…. I can never figure out whether they are going forward or back…

    Though I certainly took advantage of the ‘lost hour’….all bets are off and no rules count! ; )

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