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Monday 29 October at 2019 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Wii | 7 Comments

“Or How to make the most of the quick one excuse.”

Well most of my weekend and my near future will be spent kickin’ some serious Metroid Wii ass so my time here my be cut down alot.

So here is a quick one.

I’ve always used a note pad to make notes of things to blog about. Sometimes I might get a thought while watching the TV so I’d run and make a note of it. These days I use my phone or google note pad.
I make a quick one or two sentence line about the idea, and then just pad it out like a snowball until it turns in to a blog entry.

Here is my Google Note Pad list. Some have been hidden as they are coming up. You may recognise some too, click the pic to enlarge
What to write
They include the likes of

  • Christmas starting in Summer Time
  • Monkey spinning in zoo/Adrain asking what Bromley South train station looks like
  • Finding out I had long hair after being charged extra by the hairdressers

There are more hidden gems in there. Check the whole list out for a little insight in to my mind 🙂



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  1. In answer to the last question: definitely Youtube comments.

    Bloody hilarious. Especially when celebrities are involved and the people get all protective and discuss them like they’re h’actual real people with feelings or something. Mentalists.

  2. £23 gym? Where is this? I joined the gym today for £49 a month with student discount. I knew I was getting ripped off!!!

    You’re right, there aren’t many white people called Ivory. Also aren’t many white people called Precious or Patience, which are very common names in South Africa. I know bcoz I’m South African (but supported England in the Rugby).

  3. inside your mind is a funny old place, eh

  4. I often think of things to write about at bizarre times of the day and night .. I just never write them down – and then they are forgotten (although some might say that is probably a good thing!) .. home laptop arrives in 3 weeks … watch out world!

  5. you’re odd….

  6. I want Metroid Prime but it isn’t out here yet…however, Mario Galaxy is and it’s amazing!

  7. Jo They sure are mentalists.
    Ella No thats not a month, the £23 was just the joining fee.And I have to admit I havent used the gym in a while. I should really get back down there.
    Soupster Thank you! 🙂
    Cat Writing things down is much more easier then remembering them. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.
    Pinkosa Your pink.
    Olly Dont come over here spurting off your “I have Galaxy” lines DAMN IT!. I’ve completed Metroid (on medium) already, just in time for Galaxy to hit our stores in 2 weeks.

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