The Sandwich

Tuesday 06 November at 0823 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants, Sandwiches, Work | 3 Comments

“Or How to make halfs seem filling.”

So I have found my favourite sandwich shop to visit on my lunch. It’s a nice shop with a lot of selection. Not too much. Just that perfect amount of selection that doesn’t fry my brain, allows me to take in all the different choices and I think my sandwich selection rotation has upped from three different fillings to a rota of five.

All good.

The problem is it is a little far away. Two-thirds of my lunch is spent walking to and from the deli shop. Another slight problem I have is the cost. It just seems to be random prices I get. This may be because I ask for strange fillings (ie chicken mayo with cheese & salad, or cream cheese, egg mayo and tomato).

B ut the other day I thought I had hit on a winner. I got a ham, cheese and mayo roll. It was cheap, less then £2. Then when I started eating my first half I noticed that they had put in a lot of filling. This was a very full and filling sandwich. I was rather surprised at the low price.
So I eagerly tucked in to the second half of the roll and was immediately shocked to notice that it had hardly anything in. A small piece of cheese and a slice of ham. But mostly just butter and mayo.

This hasn’t put me off visiting this sandwich shop. It’s still my favoured deli.

But you can’t judge a sandwich after only eating half of it. 



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  1. crazy crazy sandwich shop

  2. You are obsessed with sandwiches.

  3. Eurrgh. Sandwiches. Thankfully I don’t have this problem at lunch time. Bleeeurrghhh. Mayo. Bread, egg…eurrgh.

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