The Late Night

Saturday 10 November at 2149 | Posted in Music, Radiohead | 1 Comment

Or “I bet Adam had something to do with this.”

Last night I spent a whole 3 hours sat in front of the laptop watching Radioheads webcast.

It was great to see some live performences, see some DJing from the guys and various other clips – accoustic Faust Arp on the hill was great, imagine stumbling across that being played while you took a walk along the local common!

But the greatest 2 minutes of the webcast is owned by this genius clip, enjoy.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to get this youtube clip to work as my ring tone. If I make this work I may put an application forward to become some kind of God. In a third World country. Somewhere were I wouldn’t do too much damage.


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  1. Great You Tube clip!

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