The forgotten one

Tuesday 13 November at 1645 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 2 Comments

Or “How I should of learnt to never leave things lying around when a girl is present.”

When I was a kid I would leave all manner of things lying around in many many different places. This was because I would then know where I left it and where to find it when I need whatever it was again.
My mum didnt agree with my filing system and often referred to it as “a mess.”

I’d leave keys on tables or near the TV. My mum would move them to the key rack near the door. Who would ever look there for keys? I mean we had that thing for a few years and the only time anyone – including my mum herself – would look for keys on the keyrack was the day after she had been tidying up. Every other time we would look where ever we left the keys.

There is always one exception to the rule. I once placed a small teddy bear of my sisters in teh fish finger box in the freezer. I admit that one time I did forget all about it. But this time it was classed as a “joke” rather more then me putting something somewhere to come back to later.
The teddy was eventually found when my mum went to make tea one evening. Boy did she get a fright.

So anyway, I left a piece of paper lying around the flat more recently, ie this weekend, it had an ideato blog about. Quite a funny one. Mainly about me ranting about how I’ve become a ranty grumpy old man. Could that be classed as an Alanis Morissette ironicness?
Anyway, it was an idea, one I’ve had in my head a while now but only figured out best to express it on Saturday. There was a build up and even an anecdote involving how I used to wear my tshirts inside out, but the paper seems to of been tidied away. I put it somewhere, where I knew where to come back to and now it is gone. I think the missus may be stealing my ideas.
I’ll be keeping a close eye on my google notes and making sure my material isn’t stolen.



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  1. I have a sign in my office at home that says
    “Organized people are just to lazy to look for things”

  2. which i just found for you in two seconds and you said : “Oh, I can’t even read my writing anyway”

    stealing your ideas. pish

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