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Wednesday 21 November at 2112 | Posted in Life, Personal, Rants | 11 Comments

Or “So boring. Nooo Simon”

I’ve been trying to think of a good entry for a while now.

Possible subjects that are running about my head are Five (no not the number, the band), Table Top Football (Whats the longest you can put off a blog entry before the idea is just. To. Old?), my annoyance at 118 (again not the number or the band but directory enquiries) and Argos or possibly even my coat being so old that not even the collar stays up (and I can really feel the cold on my neck these frosty mornings)

But if I’m being honest I’ve been playing too much Mario of late and so I am unprepared. I did want to blog about grotto’s, bit I haven’t the phone which really explains my rant.
I feel like a naughty kid who hasn’t done his homework.
But it doesn’t feel like real homework but those that kind of homework’s where you had to bring in something from home otherwise you couldn’t participate in lessons.
I once forgot to bring in an orange to one of my geography lessons. I never was able to find out exactly why 3D globes were never accurately portrayed in 2D books. I did bring common sense to that lesson, but I was told to keep that in my pencil case.

So instead I’m going to discuss my planned gig for Monday. Me and the missus are off all the way down to Brighton. We are planning on staying a few hours to catch a gig and then travelling home late at night, catching a few hours sleep and then off to work.
In order to see who you ask?
Amy Winehouse. I didn’t want to keep you in suspense too long.

Yes her gigs haven’t been the best of late. She has failed to turn up, took drugs on stage, cried and even left. But I have a solution to her problem of forgetting song lyrics. Would it be a good idea too take giant cards with my and write the lyrics to her songs on them?
How close to the stage would I have to get?
Will all the gig be a waste of time and will me and the missus feeling like shit the day after and wished we hadn’t gone?  (I hope not)

Whatever happens I’m still looking forward to it. If Winehouse is on form then all will be good. But I won’t be holding my breath.

Anyways, must dash, Heroes is on.

PS, why is acceptable to put cheese on beans, but feels wrong to put cheese on tinned spaghetti?



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  1. *makes crazy signs behind Boy’s back*

  2. cheese on tinned spaghetti is fine, cheese on spaghetti hoops is divine.

  3. cheese doesn’t taste right on spaghetti hoops. tried it, hated it.

    Also re: winehouse, I hope she manages to wipe the white stuff off her nose before the gig..her nose was looking weeeelllll crusty in the pic in the LondonLite yesterday.

  4. Now we know what to get you for Christmas .. a scarf to stop the cold wind on your neck.

    I look forward to reading the blog on the trip AND the gig!

    Oh .. and cheese on anything except pizza is vile!

  5. I think is she was on top form then an Amy Winehouse gig would be excellent, sadly I think she is a long way off top form.

    And cheese can be a handy topping for any savoury dish!

  6. I read in the trusty London Lite that her last couple of gigs have been brilliant but maybe that’s because they were at the Brixton Academy and she feared the crowd would fire their guns at her as opposed to just yell abuse.

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  8. I am sorry if this space is not appropriate for me to ask the favour.

  9. I’ve never thought in detail about the cheese on spaghetti thing, but you’re right. I’d also imagine putting brown sauce on it would be wrong, but so so right on cheesy beans.

    Are beans the ultimate food stuff? I do wonder.

  10. So… What’s the plan now Ms. Winehouse has realised she’s incapable of playing without breaking down? I’d be livid if I were you!

    When will these drug addled celebrities learn… 🙂

  11. hello rob, how are you? I’m back!

    You are back as well?

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