The Never Ending Story

Tuesday 11 December at 1948 | Posted in Life, Personal, Runcorn, Work | 10 Comments

Or “The feeling you get while waiting around for the Karma Police.”

It’s been a while. A lot has happened. Christmas is nearly upon us. I know this as those festive adverts are making an appearance on TV’s which signal that Yultide Time is upon us. Of course I am talking about the Drink Driving campaigns – remember kids, don’t do it.
Also Santa and his little elves have descended in to shopping malls and placed giant grottos in everyones way. Of course I now know that these grottos are actually fronts for some sort of money laundering business. Or at least a criminal gang. The obvious signs for this are the elves sat outside the grotto. No longer are they inside giving away presents for free, but now they sit outside taking money from adults – and more importantly children.
Also I was up North recently having an early Christmas and opening some early Christmas presents. But I wont go to much in to that for fear of kicking off a revolt and upsetting some people who might be jealous.

In other news I started a new job. It’s all happened very, very, quick. I got a call from an agency on Tuesday – I haven’t been job hunting, this one looked for me. They sent me some details by email and I said it looked good. It wan’t much further from where I am no. Same travel cost’s. But more pay.
Then on Thursday I got a call from the agency saying that the employers loved my CV and wanted me to start immediately. I of course was shocked as I am customed to interviews, the waiting process. Thinking have or have I not got it? And then a little while after giving up finding out I do have the job.
I had my first day today. It seems like a decent place. The job looks pretty straight forward. Its basically like filing, but on a massive scale. The office is pretty laid back. This may be due to the fact that the office is being shut down in a few months time, which maybe a reason as to why I thought the wage was a bit too much for the role.
But I had to also let my previous employer know that I was leaving immediately. It was something I have never done. Normally I give employers more then enough notice. Like months notice. So it was a bit weird phoning up and saying that I wont be in again after promising a weeks notice.
Now I’m just waiting for the Karma Police to come and read me my rights.



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  1. ouch, good luck with that! But you’ve done the right thing, if a) they offer you more money and b) your gut instict was to go with them, which I assume it was, as you took it.

    Don’t worry about the karma police. People who make these jobs up are runnning from the karma police so fast that it turns out, you in fact are on karmas side, helping it out by quitting your job and throwing these evil people into turmoil.

  2. But does it mean finding a new sandwich shop. THAT is the important question…

  3. Alex I like your thinking. I didnt quite get it, but anything that pushes the blame away from me I am happy with.

    Olly, let’s not even go there. It’s almost like you can sense my annoyance at this whole situation by reading between the lines.
    The very first thing I said to the missus about my first day..
    “It’s going to be hard finding a good sandwich shop here.”

  4. and i chuckled becasue he’s crazy! 😀

  5. Filing the job of the day? Welcome to my world.

    Karma will come in the shape of paper cuts. Lots and lots of paper cuts.

  6. I havent been playing too much Mario recently, only about a third of the way through but am rationing myself as I don’t want it to finish! That said, Nights is out here today, so will probably get that this weekend, so I better hit Mario a bit more tonight!

  7. Pinkosa, then sneezed and snotted, coughed and snorted. Eeeeeew 😉

    Jo, up to now I have none. Dah daaaah!

  8. I’m now singing the theme tune to The NEverending Story and I know that I will be singing it all day.


  9. Congrats on the new job!

  10. Soupster, there was a theme tune? How does it go?
    Betty, I wouldnt really use the word “congrats.” But thanks.

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