The Void

Friday 14 December at 1346 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants, Work | 3 Comments

Or “Just. Feed. Me. Damn it”

Well my new job can get quite at times. The reasons for this are that I’ve not been shown the proverbial ropes. The office has like 6 people in it at most, at any given time. And there just isn’t much to do.
But the guy who is suppose to be training me has to do what little work there is, which leaves me with……


I have so much free time that within a few days my Google Reader has shot from 99+ down to zero. I’m on top of my blogs and news. So much so I’ve added a few new ones.
But sometimes it gets a little quite. And I’ll check google and nothing. Sometimes I am even first to comment.

I’m getting so quick sometimes that I feel if I concentrate hard enough I will be able to comment on a entry that hasn’t even been submitted yet…

do you think they could put me in season 2 of Heroes?



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  1. That would be impressive! I look forward to seeing if you achevie this. Both the pre-commenting and seeing you in heroes.

    I don’t know if you’re a football type of person, has been good enough to take several days of my life during boredom prolonged periods. If you’re a geek, has wasted even more time.

    good luck!

    (PS, you meant quiet, not quite :D)

  2. Whatever you do, don’t add more blogs to the list. Why? Because as soon as you’re busy again, it’s just a looonnnng list of guilt sitting there, increasing in numbers. A hundred things you haven’t read yet.




    I’m really rubbish at commenting today, my horrid temp job has officially fried my brain.

  3. what…I have not seen a comment from you at my place in a while.
    then again the posts at my place are all full of crap cause I’ve been so busy with holiday this and that.

    P.S. Happy Christmas if I don’t comment again before then.

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