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Monday 17 December at 1445 | Posted in Lifestyle, Personal | 1 Comment

I’m feeling a bit tired. The missus has had a terrible cough of late. So bad in fact that she even had to go and sleep in her old room as the cough was keeping us both awake.
If I had had the cough I would of offered to sleep in a different room. Although the missus would say I was “making up the cough” that I “wasn’t really ill” and just looking for an excuse to go somewhere with enough room for my ‘chicken elbows.’

The wind is very loud up here on 12th floor. 

Drinking while talking is not a good habit to encourage.

I’ve done very little today. Well I’ve done a lot, its just not relative to what I should be doing.

Did I mention how loud the wind is up here?


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  1. did your chicken elbows like the extra room last night?

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