It’s only Tuesday

Tuesday 18 December at 1045 | Posted in Humour, Life | 2 Comments

Or “How I stopped myself from the eternal morning thought that it was Wednesday :(”

The longest headline you will see all week. (Possibly, it’s only still only Tuesday. Despite what I have been telling myself)

Full headline reads;

Where do the guns come from in Cuyahoga County? Ohio ranked seventh in the nation as a source of guns used in crimes. 6,135 guns sold in Ohio were used to commit crimes last year . 1,819 guns used in crimes in 39 states last year were first sold in Ohio. 123 crime guns traced by Cleveland police last year were first sold at one suburban dealership — Atlantic Gun & Tackle in Bedford Heights. Cleveland seized 1,095 guns in 2006 and 956 so far in 2007. Some guns used in crimes are stolen or borrowed. Others, criminals say, are found in bushes or under rocks. The origins of some guns can never be traced because they are too old or the serial numbers are filed off. The majority, though, are bought legally from federally licensed gun dealers and then resold on the streets. And local law enforcement can’t do much about it.

Don’t you just hate it when a headline gives away the story?



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  1. Just keep telling yourself that it’s Wednesday, at least then you will have a better day…and tomorrow, just think it’s Wednesday again….

    or something

  2. How entertaining! Wednesday is a rubbish day anyway, nothing on TV, whereas Tuesday is TV Heaven.

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