The Cut

Thursday 20 December at 0930 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Rants | 6 Comments

Or “The downside to having a face lift.”

I’m quite good at shaving. I’ve been shaving my face on and off now for hmmmm….for around 8 years or so.

I’ve gone through many styles. The complete shave – when I first started. Then I started to go for the stubble look – this was way back when I was cool and went out to places called “clubs.” There was even a time when I thought I’d try and grow my beard and didn’t shave at all. That last a few months. I was quite pleased with my dedication.

But there is one thing that woman dislike it is stubble. Okay, maybe not all but some and they include my missus. So I shave. Which not only do I not mind but I prefer at the moment.
Obviously when shaving there is always that danger of cutting yourself. And I like almost all other men have done and will continue to cut my face sometimes when shaving.

But when I shaved yesterday I cut my lip. I’ve never cut my lip before. I don’t really shave my lips either. But for some reason I cut my lip a bit and it hurt. And there was quite a bit of blood for some time.
But it had stopped in time for me to head to work, saving me from bleeding everywhere. And there were no other problems, until I was talking with a colleague and politely laughed about something mildly funny and hardly interesting and my lip started to bleed again. So I had to race to the toilet for some tissue to stop the blood.

From that momnet on for the rest of the day I kept my top lip absolutely still. I had to make sure that no one, at all, made me laugh. Full stop.

I looked like the more handsome brother of Lesley Ash, or some other celeb hungry wannabe who has just had a mouthful of botox.

I don’t know how the rich and vain put up with really?



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  1. I cut the top of my finger once…. i wasn’t trying to shave it… they aren’t hairy or anything…but it bled A LOT and was a bit scary.

  2. I use an electric razor. OK, the shave isn’t quite as close but I’m blessed with not being particularly stubbly anyway and it’s quicker 😀

  3. Pinkosa, you can commit any crime now and get away with it seeing as you have no finger tips.
    Dom I have an electric razor, but some times I get too lazy to shave and then it grows too long to shave with an electric razor. I need to sort out and stck to my shaving pattern.

  4. Most electric razors have a flip out beard trimmer bit. Whizz round with that first to get it down to reasonable stubble length, then the razor should be able to cope – I used to be lazy too 😀

  5. I am forever cutting myself shaving (legs). Been doing it for years and I still can’t get the knack of it 😦

  6. Dom, wow. That sounds like too much effort. Plus sometimes you cant beat the close feel of a razor blade.
    Jo, you right,youd think after doing the same think many times a day/week/month/year* (*delete were appropriate) that you’d of got the knack of it. I feel for you.

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