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Wednesday 02 January at 1148 | Posted in Humour | 12 Comments

I try to check out my wordpress stats from time to time to see if I can spot any non-commenting lurkers.

But I did get a surprise for a search result on 01/01. Someone had searched for
“how to avoid my lips hurting after givin”

Now I don’t know how it ends? If anyone knowledgeable with wordpress can tell me how to find out the whole of a search queary that would be great!

Otherwise if anyone, my educated guess is that girls would be able to help greatly with this, can tell me how this sentence ends it would be appreciated.

And to the unfortuntate person who did the search. I hope your lips are ok now. It must of been some New Years Eve party.
Get in touch let me know how the sentence ends



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  1. The pressure is now on to leave a comment rather than just lurking!
    Happy New Year Boy…hope it’s a great one for you!

  2. ‘…in and drinking your tea while it’s still too hot’

  3. Thanks for commenting Hannah. Have you been lurking long? Or have you found me recently due to searching because of sore lips?
    If not, can you offer any advice on my above question?

  4. Pinkosa, good guess. Obviously you’ve thought this idea thanks to some recent burnt lips you encountered for impatience and pasta

  5. “…a great big smacker of a snog to granny with her bristly beardy chin”??

    I’d recommend not being so enthusiastic and perhaps lathering up in Vaseline.

  6. yep….and my advice for that person would be… don’t be so impatient.

    if however, they were wondering about something entierly rude and not for bloggers ears…i’d offer the advice to get a better technique…

  7. Sore lips?

    From giving…?

    Nope. That thing on top of my neck just isn’t working. Oh, whats the word? Come on thing my brain is in…think. If only the round thing with long hair and ears at the side would remember what the missing word is…Nope. No idea.

  8. Good advice Pinkosa.

    Damn it Jo. You must try harder next time. I thought you were on to something then. You nearly hit the nail on the head then.


    I thought I’d move the converstion onto here and stop boring people on PJb’s blog …

    I meant I downloaded music videos from itunes. You can watch DVD’s on your phone? I’ve seen the N95 – its a big screen but I wouldn’t have thought big enough for watching films?

    That’s a good point, I might stick the last session of Lost on it 🙂 … oh I just realised I’ve got it with me – I might try it at work today .. thanks for the advice.

  10. Hey ,
    See I never got why people would want music videos on an iPod? That just seems really random to me.
    I only ever put small 30 minute shows on my phone for whenever I am travelling around, the N95 screen does look quite big when sideways and you can see alot of detail on the screen. It’s very surprising.
    If you commute daily to/from work it certainly kill time on the train. You could easily fit a season of Lost on a huge 40GB.
    But I have sent Pinkosa an email with instructions on what you need and a guide, she said she had your email adress as I couldnt find one on your blog. If you don’t get it let me know and I’ll get her to forward it on.

  11. It’s just for demo purposes 🙂 I’ve got a funny picture of my uncle (about 80) watching a Girl’s Aloud video. I’ll have to remember to post it.

    I drive to work so I can’t watch videos, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll watch it to be honest maybe next time I travel.

    Cool I’ll wait for PJB’s email 🙂 thanks again.


  12. I’m going to say mouth to mouth….? With Mrs/Mr Sandpaper?

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