New Year…

Wednesday 02 January at 1121 | Posted in Life, Lifestyle, Personal, Spain, Wii | 3 Comments

…same old me.

Reflecting and the horizon.

How was your Christmas and New Years?

I lost my appetite for food just before Christmas, although gained it back a few days later and helped to lower the stock of left over turkey with plenty of sandwiches. So much so that I no longer fit in to a pair of indoor shorts.

Presents wise, I got..

A few Wii games – it’s hit home that unless I get a decent paying job my current steady income of Wii games will be gone when I get to Spain
Books about Spain – so I can read up what official forms I need to fill and where to get them from, a book about Spanish food so I can learn the different food types
Some really funky shoes and trainers
An alarm clock – that once turned on, cannot be turned off and beeps every hour and at some random time every day. I get on of these every year and it takes a while for me to figure out how to switch of the alarm. I’m sure people think I like this kind of amusement.

New Years me and the missus spent in alone watching ‘The IT Crowd,’ on More4. It was nice. It’s so much harder to get to places from Central London to where we live. Even an invite to a friends home for quite drinks was declined as it felt like there would be an incredible long and expensive mission to get home.
Which made us even more surprised to see a bus doing it’s tiny little local bus route drive past at 1215.
Afterwards we spent some time watching the Radiohead webcast which was great. I have to go and see these guys later in the year in Barcelona. I’ll have to make sure to set aside a Radiohead tour savings along with my Spanish savings.

This year will mostly be made up of the trials and good times of moving to Spain. After having a chat with some friends who live in Spain and were back here for a few days I am very excited. There isn’t nothing major happening beween now and then. I turn 26 thats about it. (I can’t believe I needed a calculator to work out my age. Thats the downside of cards that don’t have your age on them.)
But Spain is looking very close. April isn’t too far away. I only have 2 more visit’s back up North to see family and friends before I leave. The time will fly past.

But in a few monthes I’ll be taking regular dips in the pool or walks to the beach. Hopefully I’ll be fitting back in to my indoor shorts pretty soon 😀 ha

What ever your plans are, good luck with 2008.

Feliz Ano Neuvo



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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    you presents sound crap compared to mu iPod though! eek, sorry! xxx

  2. There were other nice presents like the clothes and DVDs (which you need to see about returning) but these were just a few.

  3. Happy New Year! Your NYE sounds great. We always find it is a big fat let down anyway, so staying in with someone you love is perfect. Instead we had a small house gathering with the usual Friday night crowd, nice and cheap and everyone crashed over in the lounge!

    Hope 2008 is prosperous for you! Spain, here you come!

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