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Friday 04 January at 1503 | Posted in Humour, Life, Rants | 3 Comments

Well I’ve not do a lot today. I’ve read quite a bit of news, so here is my take on new stories around the World today.

American Politics. OK, I don’t no an awful lot about the American Presidential election. All I know is that Hilary Clinton is coming thrid, this is the first time in almost 50 years that an ex President of current President is campaigning. And the current leader of the Democratic party, Barack Obama, hopes to be the first black president.
I’m all for equal opportunies and the best of luck to Clinton and Obama, but for politics sake – and for the Worlds, seeing as America controls most of it – I hope the media don;t turn this in to a race race. There are alot of other things to think about other then America finally getting politically correct.

Britney being stretchered out of her home. I have a few comments on this. First why is the BBC reporting this? This is tabloid story. I would expect this to be reported on in The Sun/Star/Metro, but not from the BBC.
I suppose they need to get their viewers too and it’s a shame that they have to report on minor things like this to get everyones attention to their site.
In the end its us, the public that buy in to this shite so we are only fueling the media and letting them know what we want to read about, but it’s unhealthy to the people in the reports.
Worst though has to be the Perez Hilton site, that has nothing but the Britney Spears situation for about 3 pages. Why do they need to report so much? One entry says that the camera-man had noted the huge queue of press cars all parked outside Britneys house.
I think if I was Britney I’d take some unknown substances if I had queues of cars and helicopters about my house.
But it will never end. The general publics interest for this kind of rubbish keeps growing and the media need to keep feeding the ugly monster and now we get shows like Jordans Reality TV Show about having her breast reduction op. Something has to give soon as I hate to think what’s next/Which young star will overdose next?
We’re all idiots really.

Genius hoax. If you’re going to break in to a broadcastings computer you know you have to go in with a great idea. And what better idea then putting in a fake nuclear explosion? Fantastic.
I’d of loved to of heard the voices/seen the faces of the reporters. I bet they thought they were goiing to turn Jericho-esque. (Go watch Jericho. I mean it)

Dodge. Possibly the coolest photo I have seen in a very long time. A little old now, but I’ve just come across this. A marine biologist took to the sea in a kayak to hunt down a great white shark.
*Now repeat after me everyone in your best panto voice* “He’s behind you!”
Check out the large picture here and let me know what you think Trey Snow was saying to hisself?

Opera want Microsoft to stop installing Internet Explorer on all computers, or at least install a few other options. Which I completely agree with as I hate how Internet Explorer is tied in with Windows Explorer. It means I have to have IE sitting there when I would rather get rid of it, as if I did remove it the laptop would stop working.
Also I have recently re-installed Opera on my home computer. I’ve used Opera on/off now for a few years. But since I started doing up my iGoogle page I have found that some things don’t work well in it.
So I went back to Firefox but missed Opera alot. (It has better browsing speeds, they were the ones that first to use  Tabbed Browsing, mouse gestures and some other stuff I’m sure you will see in Firefox/IE in a few years)
Then I read that the reason why Opera doesn’t work in all websites is because Internet Explorer is so poorly made, this is also why there are alway security problems with it. But because IE is bundled everywhere it has become the unwritten web standard. 
It also fails at some ACID2 web standard test (and yes so does Firefox). Don’t worry though as IE8 – and Firefox 3 – will be able to meet the web standard test. Eventually.

Well I get to go home soon. It’ll be nice to get away from the news for a bit, before I get more annoyed at it all.



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  1. Well well well…
    Great use of the phrase race race. But you’re right, both on that account and on the BBC Britney thing.

    Re: browsers, It’ll never happen. However, word on the street:
    1) IE8 Passes the ACID2 test
    2) This is a massive deal, but not as massive as you think, because most the internet is more IE compatible than ACID2, hence why some stuff doesn’t work in Opera.
    3) Firefox 3 has sorted it’s memory leaks! So it doesn’t whore RAM like it used to.
    4) It’s also pretty much as fast as Opera now. I’m running beta 2. But, the mouse gestures add on doesn’t work with it yet, which is really annoying. Gr.

  2. Yeah, I learn until the other day the reason why the internet was compatable with Opera – eg IE being buit so poor. But with IE8 being ACID2 compatable this will iron out any problems with sites being viewed on Opera. (until ACID3 comes out and IE makes all sites incompatable again)

  3. Ah, but IE8 won’t fix the internet. It’ll be ACID2 compatible yes, but it’ll also be backwards compatible with all IE7 coding, so new sites will be opera friendly, old ones won’t.


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