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I am no longer. Thanks to this piece of work.

em eye five.

In June 1990 a horrifying campaign of harassment was initiated in London by what are believed to be elements of the security services. The harassment has continued for over six years, starting from the broadcast and print media, and encompassing abuse through set-up situations and by people in public places. It has been brought to the attention of the police and they are aware what is happening, but are not taking any action to prevent it.

Not that I accept that ‘xenophobic persecution,’ should happen but if it contains the likes of the below I can’t not look. A little like a train wreck, when you know you shouldn’t really look, but something just keeps you focused…

The first incident in June 1990 was when a newsreader made what seemed to be a reaction to something which had happened in my home, and out of context of what they were reading. My first reaction was disbelief; nothing of the sort had ever happened before, the idea that such a thing could occur had not crossed my mind, yet there was no doubt of what had just taken place. My disbelief eroded as this recurred time after time. Besides the news, offenders included shows such as Crimewatch (!), Newsnight, and “entertainment” shows. There seems to be very little moral understanding among the people who make these programmes; they just assume they will never be caught, so they carry on without a thought for the illegality or amorality of what they do. The only time I ever heard a word raised in doubt was by Paxman being interviewed by someone else (I think by Clive Anderson) back in 1990; referring to the “watching” he said it troubled him, and when asked by the host what you could do about it, replied “Well, you could just switch it off” (meaning the surveillance monitor in the studio). He clearly didn’t let his doubts stand in the way of continued surreptitious spying from his own or other people’s shows, though.

I highly recommend it. It’s a few decades old, but still a good read.



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  1. mMMMM…FISH! that was some expensive fish though!

    Do you fancy sushi?

  2. One of these days corp lady, you’ll get the comment in the right post. I know you wil 🙂
    Sushi is nice. Although I’ve not had expensive sushi. Do you like it?

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