I smell something fishy

Wednesday 09 January at 0832 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 6 Comments

Can fish be picky?

I bought some new fish food the other day and they don’t seem to be eating it as much as their regular food. It was quite expensive stuff too, £5.70. Although it might of been more expensive then usual as it was twice as much.
It was also a well known brand of fish food, Tetra or something. I remember the name from the food that my mum used to use to feed that families fish. And it was saying that this was the premium gold fish food.
I don’t know how they can tell how fish like certain tastes? Do they have fish focus groups to trial different tastes, flavours and textures?

Regardless of how they do it, Pinkosas fish don’t seem to like this new food.
Annie, the biggest one, will spot me lifting the lid to the fish tank. She* will shot to the top and start sucking away at the surface despite the fact I haven’t even put in the food. Then when I have she will eat almost half of it before the other fish even know whats happening.
Also Larry the Loach doesn’t seem to be interested. Normally he will dash to the surface, grab a few flakes before quickly turning and snaking his way back under his cave. But this morning with this new food he just seemed to stay under his cave.

Maybe they are having an off day. Perhaps they are just used to their normal fish food -from a humans point of view the new stuff doesn’t smell as fishy foody as the regular stuff.
I’ll keep trying out the food see, at least to the weekend, to see if they get used to it.

I just wish they could give my the fins up or fins down about the food. That would be so much easier.



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  1. That would be so cool! Fish communication is the way forward.

    Perhaps you could try the food yourself? 😀

  2. maybe they aren’t posh fish…

  3. Boy _I smelt it. That’s about as far as my fish food taste test goes.
    Pinkosa _They eat each others poo. Of course they aint posh. I didnt expect them to be choosie.

  4. Isn’t it a case of tough luck though, really? 🙂

  5. I know for cat food, they have human tasters!

  6. Bluesoup _I have a sneaking suspicion that someone may tip off the RSPCA. I hope they go for that line if they do knock on the door.

    Olly _How do you know that? A previous job?

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