T Minus 1 (Day)

Thursday 10 January at 1028 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 6 Comments

But what is it one day to? Friday? The weekend? Almost the return of the fantastic Primeval? (actual that’s two days away, but I still highly recommend watching this ITV show)

No hints. Not asking Pinkosa for the answer. You’ll just have to stay in suspense.

Speaking of suspense this reminds me of short story. Isn’t it funny how actions are in fact louder then words.
This is one of my favourite anecdotes as it is of me, and I was reminded of it at a party back in the summer by a friend and the host. It was often brought up back in ‘the day.’ My friend said;

Rob, remember that time we were all at some party. It was pretty early in the morning, everyone was pretty much wasted. You decided to tell a story. Towards the end of the story, half way through a sentence you walked out of the room. You were gone for a few minutes and walked back in finshing off your story. Everyone was a little confused about what you had done and when asked, you simple said
“To build up a bit of suspense.”

No one could ever remember the story I was telling. Then legend grew of the story about me telling a story.

Which goes on to show how boring my anecdotes are. A bit like this.

Do you have a favourite anecdote about yourself?



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  1. awww look at you all there….
    i don’t have an ‘anecdote’ but sometimes the things you come out with boggle my mind! 😉

  2. this is really embarassing, but for awhile (when I was considerably younger) I was known as the girl that did a keg stand in a skirt on 4th of July. I blame the cheap American beer.

  3. Pinkosa_ That brings up agreat idea of a montage that I should do at the weekend.

    GirlFriday_ I so wish I was American to understand that ritual.
    /Whats a keg stand?
    //In just a skirt?
    ///Why just the 4th of July, why not other holidays?

  4. […] right, it’s T minus today. But what could the Big Surprise possible […]

  5. Hmm, if I could find the picture I would send it to you.
    1. A keg is a big barrell that dispenses beer out of a nozzle attached to the end of a flexible hose. So a Keg Stand is a hand stand on said keg whilst drinking from the tap. Klassy, super Klassy.
    2. No I was wearing a top, but now that you know what it is, you can imagine the visual all 30 people at the party got
    3. I have no idea why I picked that holiday to be a trashy chav, but alas it was the first and only time
    4. that’s a lie, I am trashy still sometimes and was likely before as well

  6. Ah I see. Well I have to stand by with you and say yes, you are a little trashy 🙂
    But kudos on managing the feat. It sounds difficult. I have problems with just a regular hand stand. Nevermind the keg or skirt factors.

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