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Friday 11 January at 1202 | Posted in Humour, Life, Lifestyle, Personal | 12 Comments

The office I am working in deals with alot of paper. They have lots of stationery here and paper modifing machines (read many different printers/copiers)

One they they also have here that I’ve got a fascination for and would love back home is  a guillotine. A paper guillotine of course. I’ve not just discovered some long lost French gene.

If I had a paper guillotine at home I’d have hours and hours of fun cutting perfect lines of paper. I’d get a get a big piece of paper, rip of the sides – so they looked all horrible and uneven – and then sliced brand new perfect edges.

Oh how the edges would be so perfect.

I could even set up a shop and invite people to come along and test out my paper cutting skills.
They could challenge me to cut pieces [squarely] to any size. For a small charge I could cut requested sizes for customers.
If you have a birthday card that was a few millimetres too big for it’s envelope?
Just come see me and in no time and a quick swoosh that card will be fitting snug in to it’s undersized envelope.
Or vice versa, if someone wanted an envelope open, with the guillotine precision straight lines I could easily line up a envelope to cut just the top off and leave the card intact.

How my life would be so much different with a guillotine.

The paper guillotine, every home should have one.

Edit_ Changed stationary to stationery at the behest of the grammar constable.



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  1. And you thought i was weird fro having my little drawer with my cereal in?!

    If you have loads of stuff there, can you ‘borrow’ some things for me?

  2. Give me a list, I’ll see what we have in.

  3. COOL!!

    Post It’s…big but not as big as those others you brought home
    White board markers….but the wipe off ones
    Pritt Stick

    can’t remember what else off hand, I have a list at home!

  4. I really like to use a paper guillotine when I have a dashed line to follow as a guideline…so much better than scissors.

  5. * gulp * .. I think you need to get out more!

    PS: .. stationAry is for cArs and stationEry is for Envelopes … sorry being anal! 😀

  6. Allison_ It’s a whole other league to scissors. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to using scissors after using the guillotine today. Even for simple things like opening a sealed pack of cheese, a guillotine would be much neater.

    Cat_ We’ll see who has the last laugh next time you find you have a wonky edged piece of paper.
    (PS sorted,)

  7. I have a mount cutter (for cutting mounting card). It’s cool. I get to cut beveled edges. Straight beveled edges are FAR cooler than your boring plain straight edges.

  8. Dude man, simplistic and minimlistic is where it’s at. You want edges that are so sharp and perfect that they cut through time.

  9. I can haz gilloteen Pleez?

  10. :O! I miss guillotines. Not used one in as long as I can remember.

    A toast! To the Guillotine!

  11. Aha .. that’s where you wrong .. we have 3 guillotines at work .. although to be honest the only one that is any good is IT’S MINE, ALL MINE and I keep it locked away! 😀

  12. cha0tic_ “Not that kind Frenchie”
    Boy_ You should try and get one.
    Cata_ How could you do a thing like that. The guillotine should be paraded around for everyone to see first hand it’s pure cuttingness.

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